FarmVille Survival Guide

FarmVille is the most famous social game by Zynga. It has many great features and a lot of people are very much addicted to it. As the name suggests, you have to work on your farm and be a perfect farmer. At start it is quite difficult to understand the game. This guide will help you reach the top from the scratch.

FarmVille Strategy Guide

Character Creation
First of all you will need to build your own character. The farmer which you will be using to do all of the tasks from planting to harvesting the crops. You can chose an avatar from many different choices. And change his/her clothes, eyes, skins etc.

Simple Movement
Once you have made your character you can move it around your land by simply clicking the arrow button on the screen and then point it where you want to go.

Plowing & Land
You get a vast land which you can utilize for your crops. First you will need to plow the land for planting the seeds. Select the hoe from the bottom’s toolbar and then click on the land which you want to be plowed. Make sure your farm gives you a clean look and don’t waste the land.

Planting & Harvesting
Once you are done with the plowing and stuff. You will have to plant the seeds for the crops to grow. Go to the market section and click on the seeds. You can’t buy all the seeds at the moment but lets just choose what you can afford. Once you have chosen the type of seeds, click on one of the fields to plant them.

Once you have planted the seeds, all you have to do is wait and make sure none of the crows try to ruin your fields. Every type of crop has its own growing time. Some will grow faster and some will grow after some time. But one thing you should always make sure is that you harvest the crops from time to time.

Once the crops have grown you can harvest them by clicking the harvesting tool and then clicking on the field which is fully grown. The crops you will harvest will earn you more and more coins. And your level will also rise so you can buy in more types of seeds and earn more profit.

Equipment & Decorations
Once you have earned some money you can go to the market and buy your farm some suitable tools, trees, decorations, vehicles, buildings etc. All these things will get you more XP points and your level will grow sooner and sooner. So make sure you keep an eye on the side things too.

You will notice some notifications regarding some livestock like pigs, rabbits, sheep, cows, horses, chickens etc. These animals work the same way as the crops do. You can keep them for getting the output like eggs etc. You will get coins just like you get for harvesting the crops. So try to keep up with both these ways for fast earning.

Increasing The Levels
You must make sure that your level also grows with the passage of time or you won’t be able to do much at your farm. As I have mentioned earlier, the levels grow with all the work you do at your farm (Make Buildings,Harvest,Plant etc).

Most of such things like buildings also specify the XP points you will get with them. So try to take the affordable one with the most XP points. This way you will increase your level and will be able to unlock all the stuff of the game.

As you progress you will start getting ribbons from time to time which you can post on your wall for showing off to your friends and to let everyone know how your farm is going. But don’t post every ribbon you get because many many users on facebook play farmville and it may get annoying to them. So make sure you post what you think is BIG enough for everybody.

Neighbors play a big role in farmville. When you are not at your farm they can come in to check whether your fields are harvested or not. They can say “SHO-SHO” to the annoying crows indeed. You can go to the my neighbors page and see all the friends of yours who play farmville.

From that window you can invite and accept the neighbor requests. If you’ll have more neighbors you will progress more. Neighbors can help you in many ways. More neighbors will result in increasing the size of your property so you will be able to do more stuff in it. You can also send different gifts to each-other.

You can gift different types of trees and animals. Most of the players return the favors and can help you when you have no money and fulfill your requirements. So make sure you do what you expect from them too.

FarmVille Tips and Strategy

Now that you know the basics of the game. Next is how to work efficiently to be successful. The next few paragraphs will explain a good strategy on how you should achieve that.

Choose the crops efficiently. You can easily differentiate between the profitable crops. Take it as the cost and income. Choose the crops wisely and not the vegetable which you like to eat.

You are working on a farm in here not your own eatables. More income will get you more profit. Just don’t consider the income but also the growing time of the crops. Choose the crops which get you most of the income and grow in a short period of time.

Get Your Timing Right – Make a Schedule
All of us are not on the computer 24×7 so make sure you plant the crops with the interval of time you come on. If you will not harvest them in time then they will simply become useless and your money will be wasted.

Buy Wisely
Act wisely, and don’t buy whatever you like. Once you buy something also consider the value you can sell it for. In the beginning you have to be careful on what you buy because mostly you will plan to sell it for fulfilling your further requirements.

Try playing the daily raffle too, it may get you some profit. But it depends totally on you.

Trees & Animals
Try to buy more and more trees and animals as these things do not require a lot of attention. Like you can keep on getting eggs for a long period of time without that many tasks.

Windows comes in with the default Internet Explorer which is not a very fast browser. Try using something cool and faster like Firefox, and Google chrome.

Be a Good Neighbor
Make sure you are a good friend and motivate others to do good too. Tell them the strategies you play with and try to fulfill their requirements.