DC Universe Online Guide to Bosses – Hot Tips

In order to level up and progress in DC Universe Online, you will need to face the biggest names of DC Universe Comics. You are tough we get it, but it’s always better to come out successful with the least damage sustained Right ? This is where we come in with our tips and strategies to be successful against these formidable bosses.

DC Universe Online Guide to Bosses

Bane is equipped with some major stuns. He will spam them like mad and it is impossible to dodge all of them. Have an ability to quickly launch yourself back at Bane when he knocks you away.

This will give you enough time to open up damage on him between his major attacks. Remember that some of his attacks do immense damage and should be avoided at all costs. First is the pillar bash which causes rubble to fall down on you, evade them by moving against the wall.

Opting for a range damage against the wall would be good too. Second attack of Bane is the Steel bash. He will pick up a huge steel piece and charge at you. Dodge these attacks and wait until he is done before launching yourself back at him. You should be patient with him or else you’ll die.

Brother Blood
Brother Blood will send his minions against you in large waves. You have to take them out first while watching your health. Remember to have your power bar full for Brother Blood who’ll attack between waves.

He will start by attacking on of the NPC’s with you. His attack will be short and afterwards he’ll disappear, only reappearing with a full health meter. Just keep you power bar full and wait for him to attack all three NPCs.

The minions wave will stop after that and you’ll have more time to kill him. Brother Blood will have 4 targets to attack so you have ample opportunity to in and out of combat. Stick with evading his attacks and finding openings when he is bashing the NPC’s.

At the start of battle she will curse you by taking away your abilities. You can still use your consumables and have a few basic skills. The skills will include a knock back attack and a small heal. The goal of the battle is to stop the minions from moving the exobytes to the portal. Place yourself in front of the portal and use your skills to keep the minions away.

Soon you’ll be able to help Wonder Woman in taking out Circe. This battle will be hard, you’ll have to use your melee attacks and be consistent. The quicker you kill her the better, this battle shouldn’t be prolonged.

You’ll join Zatanna for this battle. Faust would seem impossible to take down in the beginning. He starts out very powerful and his minions will be filling the soul wells you are suppose to prevent them from doing so. Defeat the minions and then go after Faust. Damage him with everything until his power is drained. Repeat it till he’s lying on the ground.

Power Girl
Speak with Parasite and kill the meta-powered students in the library. After capturing the first four, speak with Parasite again and follow him north to the labs to capture another four. When you’re done it’s time to kill Power Girl. You need to turn the students in the ampatheater first to do damage to Power Girl.

She will do a massive AOE stun with great damage. Snatch the students while avoiding her until you have weakened her. At this point she will be vulnerable to damage but she will still do great amounts of damage so be careful. Parasite and his minions will be assisting you so be sure to stay back and stay alive.

Queen Bee
The Queen is in the last room of the zone. She will send her guardians first. Use crowd control to quickly kill the guardians after which the Queen is easy. Use your blocking skill to avoid the Queen’s mind control spell. Keep a couple of consumables at hand and you’ll be fine.

The first person to take down in this zone will be Donna Troy. The fight is easy but will be long. Use your AOE’s to limit damage taken by the other mobs in the room. Starfire is in the next room and will be tougher. Again take care of the mobs with AOE and watch out for starfire to let up her stream of fire.

Unleash all damage on her when she does so. When you have taken care of her you’ll have to fight cyborg next. Dodge his pulses and charges for they do good amounts of damage. Use your blocking skill to break the stuns and then kill him.

Raven will be in the final room. Avoid his spinning attack and break his stun to kill him. Enter his mind to finish the fight. You wont regenerate in between fights so use soder cola in this fight. The fight isn’t hard if you have plenty of soder colas in hand.

You need to defeat Robin to free Harley Quinn. He will pass out a witty remark everytime before attacking you. So have your blocking skill ready. Evade his spinning staff move for it does great damage. Either climb or fly up the wall until he’s done with his staff. You can win this fight easily if you avoid his special moves.

You’ll be heading for Star Labs to assist Lex luthor and defeat Steel. Locate Lex inside and help him fight steel. The fight isn’t really difficult. Just stay on top of him and dodge his hammer attacks. You won’t need consumables if you do it right.

Start out by getting to the encased patients before Supergirl can release them. You’ll need to toss the encased patients in the middle of the room. Supergirl will trap the scientist and you need to free him quickly. When you’ve gathered all of the patients talk to the scientist to progress.

In the next room you need to avoid Supergirl and destroy the computers. Finally it’s time to take her out. Find the Kryptonite in a breakable barrel next to the middle console and keep Supergirl close to it. Avoid her laser and ice trap and finish her off.

Assist Lex in his fight against Superman. Activate the Kryptonite to kill Superman. When the green glow in the room fades, run back to the activator and get the Kryptonite going again. After a couple of times Superman will be on low health and you’ll be given a timer to finish him or his health will regenerate. Unleash all your powers on him to avoid that.

The Huntress
The huntress will disappear and reappear to hit you with a barrage of arrows. Hide behind a pillar to avoid them and target her whenever you can. After a bit the room will be filled with police officers who you can take out with AOEs.

Note that the huntress will be after you too. Block her arrows and damage her while she’s in sight. Try to keep her locked in or else she’ll fade in the shadows.

Wonder Girl
The final room will have Wonder Girl and Giganta. Run up to the crystals to disrupt them after which Wonder Girl and Giganta will begin their battle. You are to protect Giganta while at the same time trying to defeat Wonder Girl.

She will do large amounts of damage so best way is to go in and come out of combat when your health goes low. Recharge your health while using a range ability on Wonder Girl. Even if Gianta has been knocked down you can still finish the fight. It’s a long fight and it would be good if you’re a higher level.

Zatanna can be pretty tough. There are orbs in the room that release shadowmen to assist the right. Use these one at a time to get Zatanna to half health.

She’ll summon Etrigan then who is also tough. Break his stuns and keep damaging him. You need to barrage her with constant combo attacks or else she’ll find opportunities to damage you and that you cannot afford.