CityVille – Tips Tricks and Strategy Guide

Zynga has made yet another great game in CityVille. This installment puts us in a town which we have to build successfully. Construct buildings, homes and you may do some farming for the growth too. It sounds interesting and easy but at times, this is a very difficult task. So I am writing this guide to help you reach the top easily and build a wonderful town and be a famous mayor.

Beginner’s Guide to CityVille

CityVille leveling system is similar to most of Zynga’s games. It is build upon same XP, Coins, and Cash system. The XP points increase as you progress and once you’ve earned enough XP your level increases. You will unlock more features of the game everytime you level up (Houses,businesses and decorations etc). Energy is used to do tasks of the city and tasks results in increasing the XP.

CityVille does create a lot of problems and make the game more interesting. You must put in more goods in the businesses to checkout the coins of the last one. Goods are obtained by calling in more shipments and harvesting the crops (raw material).

Houses & Social Buildings
As every city needs housing and social buildings to grow, you must build in more and more houses and buildings for your city to grow. More houses will result in more population. Hence, you will be able to collect more housing tax. Your city will have a maximum population limit. Once, you will reach that the citizens of the city will become quite unhappier due to all the mess.

For increasing the maximum population, you will need to create buildings for the community such as the City Hall, Post Office. Such buildings use some of the Energy alongwith some of your friends to help too by joining in the service and becoming its employee. Alternatively you can use 1 cash for every position you need to be filled.

Franchise & Business
Businesses must be built for your city to grow as they are the essential need of it. Once you have unlocked them you have must establish them and arrange their for the money to come. If you open a business in your friends’ town then it will become a franchise which will help you too. Once you have got a strong chain you can build the HQ (Head Quarter) of that chain somewhere in your own town which will get you more extra coins. The more franchises you’ll open, more you will earn.

Goals & Collections
Yes, CityVille has goals and collections like all the other famous Facebook games have. By completing the goals you earn energy,XP and loads of other stuff. At Start, goals are mostly the tasks which are given to you so make sure you just follow on what you are told to.

Side Trades
You’ll often get some popups from the buildings which are mostly trades. You can trade stuff from them and get anything of your requirements.

Farming is one of the most important things you must do to keep your town alive with a good supply of goods. If you have played FarmVille you will get the idea, you must build farms in an empty land, plant seeds, grow the crops and harvest them from time to time. It will result in more XP points and goods.

An alternative for earning the goods is via shipments. You will need to build a train course on which your shipments will be carried out with neighboring towns. But remember larger courses will result in more time for the shipment to come in. New ways of shipping keep on unlocking as you go through the levels.

Friends, that are your neighbors help in a great way. You will be able to go and see their towns. Help them harvest,water their seeds and do their building tasks. And as said before you can build your business chain into their towns. You must co-operate with your friends for your town to grow. So make sure you guys keep checking wall posts of your friends who are your neighbors in CityVille.