Activision In A “Do Or Die” Situation With Black Ops

The Call Of Duty franchise has been plagued with cheap hacks on the PC for the last three years following with the major Call Of Duty 4 title. PunkBuster was a miserable anti-cheat system on the PC and did nothing to prevent hackers. Partial fault was with the developers as well since they stopped supporting the game soon after it’s success. Unlike Valve who follow up on their games even after their success to keep the experience smooth for the players, Activision focuses on generating profit. They ditched the game and sent the “legit” Cod players to the executioner’s platform.

This situation has finally found its way to Sony as well. Following the PS3 hacks and exploits some players have found it amusing to use developed gameplay hacks for Call Of Duty: Black Ops on the PSN as well. Being a Call Of Duty Pc gamer I know how frustrating it is to play amongst players who can see you through walls. The PS3 community feels likewise and they are pissed at Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Sony did mention recently that they will fix the trophy unlocking hack on the PSN but there has been still no word on the Black Ops crisis.

A blog post by Jason Koblovsky reveals Activision mentioning that they have the rights to shut down the Black Ops servers any time they feel like. Whereas shutting down the servers is off course in their rights and powers, the question is why would they do it? Selling a title to gamers and then later on pulling the plug because you couldn’t defend it’s security is on the developers, not the gamers. There is no reason for Black Ops fans to suffer who still want to play the game and are asking for help from the developers.

The mentioning of a server shutdown signifies helplessness. Activision has ditched fans before too and they can do it again. Many bloggers have questioned in their posts of whether they will go ahead with this. My personal opinion would be that no, Activision will not shut down the servers even if the Hack issue is unresolved. Reason being profit, they already have generated astonishing amounts of green from the franchise and they can still do so. E4G has hinted about Microsoft possibly paying Activision to shut down the servers so that the 360 can rule the franchise in the market. I’ve no thoughts on that, major corporations can  be underhanded if the need be but there have been no proof for this rumor to be true.

Update: A confirmation email has been uploaded on the Internet informing us that the servers are not going to shut down.