Little Big Planet 2 Level Creation Guide

Beginner’s guide to creating a full blown level in Little Big Planet 2.

Little Big Planet 2 Level Creation Guide

The Creatinator
Press the Square button and open the tools bag, there you will find the Creatinator under Gameplay Kits. You can then place the Creatinator anywhere in your Little Big Planet 2 base. It is an emitter that sackboy wears on his head and can be used to emit anything you like. Now, you can emit anything you want out of it. Water, fire and electricity come as the default options.

Testing is the essential in creating a good level in Little Big Planet game. So whenever you create something with Creatinator, test it thoroughly and test more to be sure it won’t screw up your level especially if that object is a part of puzzle.

Next comes that projectile sensor, you can find it in the tools bag. You can attach it to any substance and make it react with anything hits it. You can set different attributes like length of the sensor and no. of hits it will take before it gets activated.

You can create doors or enemies with health bar that require certain amount of hits before they are activated in case of doors, and die in case of enemies. It works both ways and possibilities are endless.

Sackbots are also one of your tools to creation and they are found in the tools bag under Gameplay Kits. Sackbot are robo copies of the sackboy programmed to perform the tasks and look like the sackboy. Sackbots provide another dimension to the Little Big Planet 2 levels creations. You can dress them up with all the costumes you have unlocked for the Sackboy. You can even make them look exactly like the Sackboy just by pressing a quick button.

You will need to make animations for your newly created NPC sackbot to give a little more personality to it. You can program it to move around like a zombie, sleepwalk, or behave like any character from the main story mode.

Though they have the basic behaviors which dictates how they will behave in the immediate vicinity. It can follow you, evade, or can petrol around you. You can mix its awareness so it only moves when in your vicinity.

You can add movement attributes to sackbot to add more character to its personality. You can make it afraid of heights so it doesn’t fall of objects. Make it afraid of danger to run away from fire or electricity or any sort of danger in its immediate area. You can program how it will jump and act in most situations.

You can make it act a cut-scene by using Act Option and then recording what you want. Controls of the Sackbot are similar to those of Sackboy; left stick for movement, X for Jump and D-pad for emotion.

You can record one time only scenes or can create looped scenes in the Act/Record session. One time only scenes are good for cut-scenes that reveal a storyline or conversations, and looped scenes are good background details etc.

You can access Sackbots Microchip to make things a bit complex. One simple addition that you can add is the magic mouth that will Sackbot talk and make noises.

Logic Gates
Logic Gates are important to creating interactive levels in Little Big Planet 2. You can find Logic Gates in your Tools Bag under Gadgets. Logic Gates as by the laws of physics are all about inputs and outputs. But don’t worry we will walk you through these even if you haven’t been paying attention in your physics classes.

Place your switches and Logic Gate. Now connect the switch output to the Gate Input. Then attach the Gate output to the item you want to interact with such as light.

Logic Gates can enhance/reduce and reverse the initial effect and require that all the inputs must be activated before the output takes place. Like you would need both switches to be pulled by Sackboy before the light switches on. These Gates are good for co-op situations if the switches are far apart.

Logic Gates may only require one input that must be activated for an output. So there can be an instance where you Sackboy only needs to pull one switch to turn on the light. This is good for situations in which you have split paths in your level and don’t know which switch you will reach first.

The X or Gate means that one input switches on and other will switch off, while the Not Gate reverses the current state when you switch it. Add a battery to the Not Gate for a constant On signal. Add a timer too and you create a delayed reaction.

Remember the output effects of the Logic Gates and by using different Logic Gates for different instances you can create an interactive and entertaining level in Little Big Planet 2.

Microchips as I stated above add another dimension to creation in Little Big Planet 2. You can add all sorts of complexities to any object in your level and create unique and interactive stuff using the tools provided with Microchips.

You can find Microchips in your tools bag under gadgets. You can instructions of any kind on single Microchip. Place that Microchip on any object or character and it will follow the instructions on that chip. This is probably a good way to save number of preset chips that you use again.

Like Magic Mouth effect added onto Microchip will make your object talk and make noises. Add music on the chip will make it play music etc. You can add mover to an object and create moving objects with specific instructions that will dictate how they will behave.

You can make it more complex by wiring your logic together and create complex forms of behavior and add more Microchips to the circuit board. Possibilities are endless, imagine and do.

Little Big Planet 2 Level Creation Guide – Tips

  • Imagination is your only limitation in this game. We have seen all sorts of crazy stuff already created out of this game so don’t hold yourself back for any reason. Put your logic to good use!
  • Start with basic stuff and then move on to make more complicated stuff, for instance, a forest, cave, waterfall or desert?
  • Try to sync your stickers with the landscape you want. Edit the out of sync parts of your landscape in post level testing.
  • Look for inspiration from the levels that have already been submitted in the community. You can get the idea from these levels and either enhance it or move a step forward from there.
  • Make good icons for your levels. An eye-catching icon is more likely to pull something in than a very simple one. This will mean your level gets more feedback from the people that have played it.
  • Test your level thoroughly before submitting it online. Test it again with friends and see if everything is fine and tweak the level and make it more balanced. It doesn’t have to be visually brilliant as long as the gameplay is fun. So focus more on gameplay aspects of your level.

For a full story walkthrough of Little Big Planet 2, refer to our Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough Guide.

Good Luck and have fun.