Next DCUO Update To Get Auction House

DC Universe Online officially launched this week and the game developers have begun speaking about the first update for the game. DCUO is a MMO featuring icon characters from DC comics. Chris Cao, the game director has spoke about bringing in an Auction house in the first update. He revealed that the Auction House was initially planned for the release but got delayed due to some problems.

We had some issues in beta with making sure that fonts were readable and the UI was working well. We’ve worked hard to fix those things, and [it is] basically the very next thing on the docket to get out to all of you.

You can also expect to see improved chat and social options within game for the next update.

Things like making sure you can set your default chat channel instead of having /g to talk to group, being able to more easily control which channels you’re in, improving push-to-talk on the controller. Basically there are some little things that we need to do to make it easier for you, in that sense of things. Audience-wise it’s interesting because there’s actually quite a bit of shout-casting going on for the PS3 right now, as MMO players who have been on the PC come over and teach social conventions to the PS3 guys.