Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough

LittleBigPlanet 2 is a platform for Video Games centered around user-generated content. The game was developed by Media Molecule, published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for PlayStation 3. Unlike the first game which was marketed as a platform game, LBP2 is being marketed as a “platform for games”. It is a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed 2008 title LittleBigPlanet and the third game in the series following a PSP version released in 2009. Most of the more than 3 million levels created by users in the first game will carry-over and be playable and editable in LittleBigPlanet 2.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Da Vinci’s Hideout

Chapter 2 – Victoria’s Laboratory

Chapter 3 – The Factory of a Better Tomorrow

Chapter 4 – Avalonia

Chapter 5 – Eve’s Asylum

Chapter 6 -The Cosmos

Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough Guide

Davinci’s Hideout

Rookie Test
Like always, it all starts with the basic tutorial. So follow the on screen instructions. The circles that glow when you pass by them are the checkpoints. At the beginning, you will notice that there is a pair of glasses sticker missing from the image.

You can place that sticker and bypass the suicide portion where you need to kill yourself and earn “Level aced” achievement. You won’t have the glasses now but you can have them in the next level and then come back to place them to the appropriate place.

There are lot of collectibles to explore. These collectibles can help you unlock some rare items and if you are able to find all of them, you will also gain “All Items Found” bonus. You can refer to our Prize Bubble Location guide for assistance.

Keep following the instructions so that you may get used too the controls. Soon, you will find two stickers that you need to place to the their respected places. You don’t need to resize them.

Next you will learn role of bounce pads you will find at various places. These bounce pads basically will help you jump like a frog to reach upper levels. You can use these pads to collect prize bubbles.

In the next section, use the the bounce pad to reach the book shelf and gather more prize bubbles. Gather all the collectibles near the Tv screen and then move along to get to the next level.

Grab and Swing
Pull the yellow sponge and use it to get to the prize bubble. In the next section, pull the cart down the ramp and collect the prize bubble. Now head backwards and you will find a secret area where you can find more prize bubbles.

After reaching the next checkpoint, move along the secret pathway through the wall and you will reach a series of chains. Also collect the key while hopping along the hanged chains.

Use the level link to reach the next level. First pick a bubble item using the toilet paper and then have the grapple hook. You will find the hook along the path as you move right.

Come back and grapple the switch to get a secret prize bubble. Now back to the place where you got the hook for more bubbles. Here you need to swing (by holding “Up”) with more speed to get to them.

Some more easy bubbles to gather for a couple of checkpoints. Next you can pick some more prize bubbles in between the two hook points for grappling. Next up, you can pick up the Da Vinci’s specs.

In order to reach this item, you need to lower down a bit and then enter the background (chalkboard). Head left to pick it up. You can use it in the first level to fill the portrait we saw at the beginning of the game.

Next is the race. Finish it off in the least time for maximum points but you need to grab the prize bubbles that come along. If the timer runs out, you will be starting from the initial point of the race.

So, you can collect the bubbles first and if the timer runs out, you can always restart. You will have to use your grapple (along with the bouncing pad) to get to the prize bubbles during the race.

Next, there are some tricky bubble items to gather around the large spinning wheel. First grapple on it and then let it off only when you have sufficient speed to get to the required elevation. Head to the finish to complete this level.

Gripple and Grapple
You can get three prize bubbles and some points by placing the the sticker “Da Vinci Crest”. But you need to catch them before the race begins. Grapple your way to the bouncing platform.

Collect all the bubbles that come along. There are more bubble items waiting for you in the next section. Get the first 2 without touching the electricity and for the ones above, move right to reach the platform above.

Now for the bubbles that are suspended in the air, you need to use the same basic technique that is to swing yourself with appropriate speed and then leave gathering all the bubble items in the air. Up ahead is a couple of more jumping pad with some more prize bubbles.

Next up, you can grab a key using grapple. In the next section, there are three wheels you need to cross. Make sure that you gather 2 prize bubbles rotating on each wheel before you move on to the next platform.

Use the grapple points along with the bouncing pads to move on and also look for electricity around specially the electric ball that can be troublesome.

Grapple your way across and make sure that you don’t fall into the mouth of that plant on the ground waiting for you to fall.Up ahead, more prize bubbles suspended in the air . Use the same strategy (first sway and then fly) to get all three of them.

Next up is your first “cooperative puzzle” of the game. First both the players must grapple at the same point. After reaching the secret place, one player should attach to grapple point and the other should grapple the player. Then the bounce pad jump to snatch all the prize bubbles.

You need to be cautious in the next section from the electricity and also avoid been crushed. So your swing timing is important here. Cross all the mechanical barriers using the grappling hook and ultimately you will reach the end of this level. Grapple the switch at the top and you are done with this level.

Bravery Test
After getting “Wooden Gear 1” sticker,come back and place it to the appropriate place above. You will enter into a race which will benefit you in gathering some inaccessible prize bubbles. You will also get a grapple hook from very start of the level.

Head up the platforms and grab the bubble. You will find another prize bubble after jumping over the switch. Use the grapple hook to drop a couple grapple points. Once the second grapple point takes you above, head to the tilted platform.

Hit the switch there to tilt it in the other direction. Next is another switch to reveal a pair of bounce pads. Move down instead of hitting the pads and gather all the prize bubbles. After the checkpoint jump across the platforms as they appear.

Now use the red switch to reveal some more bounce pads. Use them to get to some prize bubbles. Next gap is a bit tricky. Wait for the platforms to appear because if you hasted and fell down, you will miss that prize bubble and you will have to restart the level to get it.

Turn off the electricity first by pulling the switch and then move on. Next, you will have to pull two switches and move quickly before the timer runs out and the electricity starts again. Before entering Da Vinci’s cannon move under it and then get to the background to grab the 2 bubbles there.

After getting the key from Da Vinci, move across the cannon to gather more bubbles. Before another cooperative puzzle, you need to pick another tricky prize bubble while jumping off the bounce pad. If you follow the point bubbles trail, you won’t miss it but if somehow you do, you will have to restart the level to get it again.

Now for the cooperative puzzle, one should be the lever (switch) presser while the other jumps across the platforms. Ultimately, there will be a feast of prize bubbles to cherish.

Beware of the electric floor again while moving down. Clear the mechanical barriers using the grapple hook and then starts the rail sliding. Jump across to the wall to grab the prize bubble. Then grapple the ball to get to the prize bubble beneath. That will be last of them and you can move on to finish the level.

Final Fight
Time to take care of the boss and then close the chapter. All you need to do is to press some levers which will turn the red lights into the green lights. You need to beware of boss’s attack move. You can avoid it by jumping between the planes. Keep on pressing the levers till the final (glowing) grapple point appears. Grapple to end the level.

Victoria’s Laboratory

Run Away Train
You will have the power of Grabinator at the beginning of this level. You can grab and displace objects using this power. Use it to displace the block and then grab the prize bubbles. Next make a stack of blocks so that you can move and grab some more bubbles.

Use the bouncing pads to reach to the car. Head straight and grab the bubbles hanging in the air. Up ahead, you need to place two blocks on the switches so to grab more bubbles. After unlocking the door to the right, get the purple balls and throw them at the prize bubbles. You should be in the same plane as the bubbles.

Hit the switch at the end to move on. Gather some more prize bubbles. Next hit the red switch to remove the hindrances in your path. At the roof of the train, keep throwing the blocks to reach the bottom. You need to beware of the signs along your way.

Next will you have a cooperative puzzle. You can use two or three players in this one. Throw one or two of your buddies up to collect the puzzles. If you have three players then two can be thrown at the first platform while third to the second.

Next up is confrontation with some enemies. Use the jump pads to bounce and the land on their heads to knock them out. Next, you can use the purple balls to defeat them. After the checkpoint, grab the ball so that you can use it use it to activate the switch.

Make sure that you don’t jump onto the bouncing pad as it can crush the ball you are carrying. Before you finish the level you need to defeat an enemy. You need to hit it with ball at it’s weak spot. Once it’s down, you can move on to complete the level.

Brainy Cakes
Pick up the two prize bubbles near the wheel. Climb up the green blocks and gather some more bubbles to the left behind the gate. At the base of the gate, there is another prize bubble to collect and a bounce pad you can use for one more bubble item.

You can use small cakes in multiple ways like you can use them to collect prize bubbles simply by throwing them at the bubbles. You can also use a cake to slide safely along the rail.

When you encounter any enemies, you can target their weak spots and knock them out with some precise cake shots. You can use a cake to get to the moving platforms and then get to the bubbles. Another cooperative puzzle up ahead. You can collect two item bubbles which require you to have two players.

When you jump on the rotating wheel, you should know that those pinkish parts of the wheels are dangerous. So use one of the black slots. Toss a cake at the prize bubble to grab it. Next you successively will drop down from platform made of cookies.

You need to be careful as you don’t fall on the pink portions. Keep to the right side for the most part. You can also gather a silver key from one of the platforms to unlock a versus level rodent Derby.

Before you move on, grab two item bubbles behind the bottles. You can use that cake gun against enemies or you can use it to make a path for yourself. You can also use it to add weight on an object to make it collapse. Use it to create a path for yourself and move along.

You might get annoyed of the drawer that will prevent you from getting three item bubbles. You can throw a cake across it and it will be blocked and hence allowing you to get to the bubbles. In order to cross the fire, place a cake in it to create a bypass.

Take care of the enemy,turn left and fire another cupcake. Use it to get to the item bubbles above. Place another cake in front of the drawer so that you don’t fall off from the ledge.

You can grab more prize bubbles in the area.While standing on the same platform as the drawer, fire a cake to stick it to fabric object. By doing so, two item bubbles will be revealed.

Next, to reach the platform below, you need to attach a cake to the moving rail. You can find a prize bubble behind the cookie on this platform. You will to search a bit for it.

In order to get the prize bubble above the enemy, you need to fire a cake towards the snow capped portion to make it fall. Launch another cake on it to get to the bouncing pad which an lead you to the bubble items. You can also collect another prize bubble inside the tea cup above the bouncing pad.

You need to open a drawer to enter another cooperative puzzle and more item bubbles. Fire a cake a the base of the drawer from the back to make it open. Two players can gather 4 item bubbles.

One needs to stand on the rightmost platform of the weight balance while other needs to stand to the left most and attach a cake. The person to the right will be lifted in air gathering all the prize bubbles.

Place a cake on the conveyor belt to block the purple object. Once you have blocked it’s path, you can get the boost key hanging above. While you are in between the two purple waterfalls, you can shoot the platforms so that they may fall and you can get to the prize bubbles.

Before finishing off the level, change the scale by shooting at it’s distant end. You will be lifted upwards. While being lifted, jump to gather the three prize bubbles and then move along to finish the level.

Current Affairs
Move left and jump into the background. You will find a secret path that will lead you down where you can find three prize bubbles. More enemies to confront. They are like electric rollers. You can take them out by jumping on their weak spots while they are moving away from you.

There is a hole in the net behind the door that can lead you to a bouncing pad. Use this pad to grab 5 bubble items. You should watch out for the charges in the electric areas as they can activate some traps and create trouble for you. You can use the elevators to get high into the air and collect the prize bubbles. These elevators rise only by electric shocks.

Another cooperative puzzle. Two players must create a pathway for the charge. Players can do this by controlling the yellow livers around the puzzle maize. Don’t forget to gather three bubble items behind the spawn door in the area.

There is another fence with a hole behind the spawn door. This will lead you to a bouncing pad and ultimately to the 4 bubbles. You can’t get to the three bubble items above the one eyed enemy without defeating it.

You need to spot it’s three weak spots to take it down. Be patient as you won’t find the weak spots that easily. At the end, collect more prize bubbles under the skeletons. There are more on the right side behind the screen. Once you have collected all of them, move on to finish the level.

Kling Klong
It’s time for the boss fight. Throw cakes to the Klong to take it out. The gates that protect the weak points of the boss open after certain intervals. So you need to utilize these times well.

Three hits are required before you can move to the next area. The Klong will be throwing electric charges at you. You can avoid them by jumping over them.

For the next two parts, the Klong will change the nature of attacks. First it will attack with bouncing beams which can be avoided by predicting their simple pattern.

Next it will be three blasts from top to bottom. You can avoid the third blast by using the bouncing pad so that you stay in the air for sufficient time. Three hits are required for each part to knock the boss out.

The Factory

Maximum Security
There is an item bubble you can grab on the ledge behind the spawn door. Move down the hill and move left to find a secret passage. You will a find a prize bubble there. When you move right (from the same slide), you will a red door which will lead you to another bubble.

After getting the grapple gun, use it to get to the prize bubble behind the girder. Drop down form the grapple area to get to it. Now to get the prize bubble above, use the bouncing pad to reach the grapple point and attach yourself with it. Jump to the platform ahead to get the bubble.

Next, get to the purple glowing finger mark. If you miss the finger, you will fall and die. After passing the hand (on ground) enter the door to the left that will lead you to two item bubbles. You also need to save sackbots caged in this level.

You will have to activate some switches to release them. You also need to guide them further. You will get 4 item bubbles for guiding 4 of them to safety.

When you reach the dead end, you need push the red button there to move on. You will have to use the help of bots your are carrying with you to rescue. Throw one of them on the bouncing pad in the direction of the switch. Two hits are required to push the switch which will open the door.

You can take out the creepy spiders by hitting their weak points while you are standing beneath them. Up ahead, before entering rubber tubes after the bots, you should gather the prize bubbles using the bouncing pad at the top of the screen.

To free the bots, you can pull on the sponge above the jumping sackbots. Use on of them to the button on the right and grab the released bubbles.

You will come to a pit ahead. In order to cross it, you can use the bot again to activate the switch which will add a bridge to the gap. For the next part, pick the block behind and place it into the pit to move on. You can grab the key using the bot again. This key will unlock a level named “Basketball”.

Another cooperative puzzle that can give you 4 item bubbles (1 for singleplayer). Both the players need to use the bouncing pad and get t the ledge to the right. One player can throw the other to collect the prize bubbles. And don’t forget that the sackbots can earn you item bubbles.

Pipe Dreams
You will have the sticker (Red Fist) in the next level. Activate a switch just to the left to get hold of the Grabinator. Using this Grabinator, toss two sackbots to press the buttons which will in turn give you two prize bubbles. The second button is on the other side of the stamper machine.

Like the previous level, you also need to release some (10 of them) sackbots along your way. Release the first two by clinging to the block structure. You can see the picture of a person in the background, right? Grab one bubble present beneath it. Through the mashers, run as fast as you can so that the sackbots can get through the area.

You can grab two more bubbles just before entering the rubber tuber. Keep your distance from the tube or the sackbots will be sucked by it. Toss one of the bots to the platform above to make the bubbles fall.

Once you have gathered them, sackbots can enter the tube. Jump on to the stampers (after the tube) to get to the next area. Gather two more bubbles there below.

Above the door, there are some more bubbles you can grab along with a bouncing pad. Throw a bot to grab them. The bots don’t follow you readily to the bouncing pads so you need wait still till all of them reach you. There is a high platform above the bridge with one more bubble. What should you do?Again, toss one of the bots to it to collect it.

Next is a cooperative puzzle just past the second tube that will suck your bots again. Both the players need to run the two wheels there. Keep moving them till a heart shaped image appears at both the sides. Your reward will be 4 prize bubbles.

Next, grab the three bubbles and key hanging above the compactor after the bouncing pad. You might have to press down button for your safety once you land on the ground.

Prize bubbles are left to the place where you land. Next up, you need to push the triggers on both sides to change the sign depicted by the hand so that the bots can pass.

In order to gather both the item bubbles, you need to kill your self after gathering the first one. Jump down through the first hole to gather first. You can collect the second one once you respawn after killing yourself. Collect your reward after leading the bots to safety at the end of the level.

Bang for Buck
After getting the Red Fist sticker at the end of this level, you should come back to place it on the prescribed place. You will get another gadget named Creatinator. It’s a helmet that can fire bombs which can help you acquire prize bubbles.

To test your newly acquired Creatinator, break the blockage in front of the two bubbles (you will be able to see them using the bouncing pad).

Come back and you can shoot the robot for more bubbles. There are doors you can shoot too for more prize bubbles. In the same area (where you got the Creatinator) head downwards and notice the ceiling which is destructible.

Shoot the ceiling to get some bubbles. To the right side is a wall with ray gun images. Look for the red fist blockage so that you can shoot it to drop two more bubbles.

You can destruct objects but you can also be harmed by the bombs falling on you in this level. So a safe distance needs to be kept if they fall on the ground. You can grab these bombs and hold them (R1) as long as you can so that they may not harm you.

You can then toss them to the destructible objects to clear your path. The destructible objects will appear brownish in color. But, don’t carry time bombs in your hand as they can blast in your in hand.

So you need to get rid of them by throwing them away as soon as possible. The time bombs will have red color so that they can be identified.

Grab the first bomb after it’s fall and move to the left side. You will ultimately find a secret passage with 4 bubbles. You can use the bomb now to clear the blocked passage.

In the next area (before heading to the upper level using the ramp), you may want to collect the item bubble that is behind the actual path entangled in the explosives in a tunnel. Blast your way through the blockage using the Creatinator to get to the item bubble.

After the firing nozzles, you use anther bomb to clear the blockage above releasing more bubble items. Next, you can get through the moving wall by standing in the background with a bomb. The point where you need to discard your Grabinators, move behind to have two prize bubbles.

You can shoot the boxes above the bomb lift track and score some more bubbles. Caution! don’t walk into the red X sign which will result in damage of your helmet. Get hold of the bombs hanging above the bomb lift track which will lead you to a arm like structure firing at you.

You need to move away so that you might not hit by one of it’s bursts. Don’t fall below instead move right and jump across the game to find a prize bubble inside.

You can use the firing arms to get more bubbles (they will blast the blockage for you). Next up, make the arm fire in such a way that it shoots the blocks in the middle creating a path for you. Release some sackbots in the cages using the hanging blocks. Get to the top of the cage to grab more item bubbles in the left corner.

You can attract the sack bots by activating Luscious Lucy using yellow levers. Make sure that you have created a safe path for the bots before you gather them. There are 4 prize bubbles at the end for 10 bots safety.On the distant side of the spinning platform, push the lever and all the sackbots will line up at the edge of the pit.

For sackbots to jump the platform, move behind and time your grab in such a way that left side of the spinning wheel is slightly below the ledge enabling the bots to move on. Also gather a prize bubble above the cage.

You can get maximum of 6 bubbles (with four players) in the next cooperative puzzle. Your task is to throw time bombs over the obstacles that are triggered by the button. The positioning must be in such a way that all players can transfer the time bomb quickly to each other. If one of the players die, you can try again.

Near the next cage, you will find a secret passage to the right. Next you need to gather a key. Hit the button for the bomb. Smash it to the destructible wall using the bouncing pads and take the key.

Pull your body in one direction to avoid any damage on the bomb track. Don’t forget to jump before the explosives wall. Next up is the run for your survival. Run as fast as you can to avoid the exploding floor beneath you. Gather your sackbots reward at the end to complete this level.

Waste Disposal
Drop down from onto the conveyer belt. Use the moving crusher to move along. Then use the bouncing pad to get to the safe location. Press the lever to release sackbots.

Make a safe place ahead by pressing the far side level so that they can land safely. These bots will create a rope for you in future helping you swing across a gap.

Safety of sackbots from the crushing fists can be tricky. Wait for the right time and then sprint your way quickly through them. You can find a cooperative puzzle (X2 area) at the bottom of some red doors. Make your way to the left to reach them.

Here you have limited number of respawns so you should be careful as you can’t afford to die for too many times. To get the for prize bubbles, you and your partner need to hit the red button on the ceiling. If both hit it at the same time, one of the 4 lights above will light up. Repeat the procedure thrice to gather 4 prize bubbles.

Next, you can use the falling platforms to make a path for yourself. Pick up the burning platforms and toss them back to lava to create a path.You can jump behind to the bouncing pad and avoid the crusher to get 4 prize bubbles. Hold the sponge above your head to attract all the sackbots (12 of them for four bubbles) so that you can gather reward for their safety.

Fowl Play
You need to keep ahead of turkey robot in this level. Use the grapple you have right from the start to get the first item bubble between the two towers. Your grapple abilities will be tested here as you will have to swing to limits to get some of the prize bubbles. You can tug the grapple points (using the grapple hook) with green circles on them to make a way for sackbots.

Use the blocks and platforms to reach the high level and gather a prize bubble. At the end of the road, the Turkey will set to fire. Use the red platforms to reach the higher level.

As mentioned before, you will miss some bubbles which for which you will have to come again to gather. Gather last few bubbles form the falling remains and make your way to the end of this level.


Avalon’s Advanced Armaments Academy
You can collect the Avalon centrifuge sticker in the level “Flying in the Face of Danger”. It will unlock a race for some bonus points but is not associated with any prize bubbles.

You will get control of a device “RoboBun” which allows you to jump high in the air and you can strike the ground with great force. You can find this device at the bottom of the elevator shaft. It can be damaged and the health can be restored at the respawn doors.

Don’t mess withe the canes or you won’t be able to get the prize bubble above them. Carefully jump over them to get the bubble. You can collect more bubbles by swinging through the suspended cans in the air. You need to be careful of the electric wedges as you progress along this level.

You can get the next prize bubble above the series of spring boards. You should gather the item bubbles before knocking out those red robots. Beware of the electrified robots though. Once you have gathered all the bubbles, you can finish them off with your new RoboBun move.

MechaPup is another useful tool to posses in this level and can be used as an alternate to RoboBun. It can move the blocks with it’s sonic beam. The blocks can fill the pits too so that if you fall, you can get back easily.

You can use the sonic beam at the revolving doors (or the free swinging doors) and make a path for yourself to the three prize bubbles. Continue your way right and knock the staircase so that you can use it to move on.

If you blast that door (where you feel that it’s a dead end) it can hit the cylinder and a path will be opened. The Hamster is another vehicle that allows you to dash through the red barriers or mid air. You can use this vehicle to grab some (out of range) prize bubbles.

You can use the boosting dash to get to the key in the level. Extra boost will also enable to gather that prize bubble near the key. Move forward and you can collect some more item bubbles in the final portion of the level.

Got the Hump
That animal looks more or less like a camel. You can use it to fire to destroy enemies and other objects and gather the prize bubbles. You should be careful as shooting the Avalon will result in decrease of points. Camel’s life is refilled at each spawn door.

Open the doors ahead. You will find many prize bubbles in this portion of the level. Shoot everything that seems destructible to release all the bubbles. Bubbles at the towers are easy but you need to beware of the bats before you target them.

You can use the missile launcher on enemies as well as destroy some structures with it. Use it to destroy the bomb catapult across the bat barrage. Shoot the platform with the burning rocks creating a way for you to the next area.

You can find the key in this level hidden in a stack of blockage when you move to the left side from the first elevator ride. Shoot the tower after the bomb dispenser at the base and a prize bubble will fall form above.

Next is a boss fight. It’s red eye is the only weak spot you can hit. You need a dozen or so hits on its eye before it will jump into air. Here you need to neutralize the large missiles. They are not easy to destroy so you need to focus your aim. The good thing is that, the creature won’t be able to go into air for the second time. You will be awarded two item bubbles after it’s death.

You can use Bee 2.0 to transport the sackbots. The movement of the vehicle will get sluggish with increasing number of the bots. Carry sackbots to the pad labeled 4 to open the door above.

The key in this level can be found before the bots can enter the rubber tube. It’s your choice that how many sackbots you wan to carry . You can carry 4 of them but this will make your ride heavy and slow but the advantage is that you won’t have to come back again.

Once you have dropped the sackbots, you need to gather bubble items. They will appear only after hovering in front of them. Next you need to patch up the floor with blocks (sponges) attached to two platforms to make a path for sackbots. Next you can drop sackbots to the green points on conveyor belt so that they can enter the tube. There are three more item bubbles here to grab before you move onto next area.

Drag the sackbot boxes to the central column. Also collect the six bubble items found above in this area. After throwing 4 sackbots across the electric field, don’t forget to come back to gather 4 item bubbles in between the two pits (in the compartment). Lab will start falling, and when it happens, guide 4 sackbots to the tube at the far right to end the level.

Flying in the Face of Danger
You will be riding Bee 2.0 throughout this level. You are equipped with an extra weapon, “H.O.N.E.Y”. You will mainly shoot at enemies or dodge objects in this level.

All prize bubbles in one go in this level is impossible so you will have to play this level multiple times to gather all of them. It is recommended that you adapt one route at a time to make things easy for you. Enemies with red barriers can create problems as they can cause instant death.

You also need to stay away from the pink parts as they can drain your life. Don’t press against the moving parts or you will explode. Your dodging skills will also be tested here.

Huge Peril for Huge Spaceship
Your goal is to take down enemy spacecraft. You should dodge it’s attacks specially the huge laser attack whose one hit can cause instant death. First you need to target the main laser gun of the ship.

Next, you should target the two exposed weak spots. You can only shoot them during the laser blasts. Finally it’s the pilot of the ship. You should keep yourself to the safe zone or you can easily be burnt by the laser. Defeat the boss to complete the level.

Eve’s Asylum

Up and At ‘Em
You can score some points by gathering bubbles at the start of this level. Just like the air ride before, this caterpillar ride also requires you to dodge some obstacles but the only difference is here that you don’t have firing ability. The ride is divided into various sections but the basic principle remains the same in each section.

It is suggested that you gather item bubbles of one side first during the ride then go for the other side in the second run. Beware of the fireballs coming your way as one hit can knock you out. Collect the key in the final stage and rap up the level.

Fireflies When You’re Having Fun
The Golden Apple switch trigger sticker (which can be found in “Patients are a Virtue level”) will render you with an ability that you can use to launch bouncing pads. Use the cannon (to launch the bouncing pads) to get to the item bubbles above.

Fireflies will enlighten the path ahead you but you can also use the bubbles to visualize the path. Any direct contact with the firebugs can burn your to death. Make sure that you don’t miss prize bubbles along the way in hurry. You also need to beware of the poisonous clouds between various platforms.

Swing the tilting platform (by moving sideways) to get to the adjacent ledge. For the two prize bubbles high above, you can use the cannon to place series of bouncing pads and get to the prize bubbles above. You can explore the area above for more bubbles.

The area where you will exit the dark portion to the light, use the cannon to reach to the upper platform to gather some more bubbles in the trees. In the next area there are some more bubbles that you can gather only using the cannon.

Next up is a cooperative puzzle. Three players can gather a total of 6 bubble items. Various combination of the handholds will yield item bubbles. Next, while dodging the fireballs, look for the hidden bubbles on both the sides. The grapple points that are on fire are not useful as you can’t attach, so go for the ones that are not burning.

In the finals stages of the level, you need to dodge (slip between them) the approaching fired men. You can also jump into the background to save yourself.

Patients Are a Virtue
There are a couple of prize bubble you can collect at the start of the level. Move left to collect the first one while there is one beside the rabbit. You can use the splash cannon to put out fire. Since it fires water in interval ore stream, you can use it against the enemies that are on fire.

Save the guy ahead (by putting out the fire) and collect the resulting two bubbles. Next shoot, the glob so that the platform gets lowered and you can move on. Here you can also find a prize bubble in a passage in the background.

More bubbles ahead, use your cannon against fire and bubbles will reveal. You will also see some vines when activate the blue globs. You can use them to move down and gather more prize bubbles. You can also used the bouncing pad there to get up and collect more bubbles. Sometimes, the water platforms can be melted with the fire objects. So you need to beware of this thing.

Next up, collect the key across the spinning platform. Rotate the wheel to the key and then jump across the gap to gather it. Wait for the left edge to be raised, you can collect that bubble ahead. Next, more item bubbles to gather beneath the blue platforms. Use the water stream to lower the lift to the bottom. You can gather some more bubbles in a secret passage.

Next, a fireball will roll across and will destroy all the roots that come along the path. Don’t let it destroy the roots on the left. Jump over it and use the roots on the left to gather more prize bubbles. Push it now into the root. In the next section score the final prize bubble and finish the level.

Casa Del Higginbotham
Put out the flames and then shoot the green blob for the first tow prize bubbles. You should keep an eye on the similar globs that will helpful in creating ways by extending platforms.

You can grab the key (that is hanging above to the left) in the area with lots of blue structures. Activate the launcher (by spraying the blue structure over it) and you will get to the key.

Next is the cooperative puzzle where 4 players can harness 6 item bubbles. All 4 should get to the golden platform and shoot the emerging blue structures. Keep a steady stream to all the four blue structures and you will ultimately get to the prize bubbles.

After the cooperative puzzle, shoot the green cube above the bridge for more prize bubbles. The flames ahead can be put out temporarily. You will need a continuous stream under you so that you may not get burnt.

Open mouth of that plant is it’s weak point. The fight is short but not an easy one to deal with. You need to avoid the fire shots of the boss and in the meanwhile also need to put water into it’s mouth. You most probably will have to try multiple times to defeat this foe.

Invasion of the Body Invaders
You can use the blood cells against the enemies. Keep in mind that there is a stash of item bubbles that can be missed while you are busy in fighting enemies.

Time to defeat the main boss. The weak spot is the large orange eye. You can throw blood cells at it through the purple cubes. First it will keep moving around. You need to keep firing at it till it moves to top and start repairing. While the creature is repairing itself, make sure that you the purple rays that can damage you.

Next, boss’s eyes will replicate. Start shooting them right from the start. You need to be careful of the occasional change in direction towards the center. When the purple beams become red (in front of the enemies), You need to move to safety. The fight will get aggressive as with time. Annihilate all the eyes and you are done with this level.


Set the Controls
You can collect 3 keys by playing three arcade games found at the beginning of this level. Each game will earn you 1 key. Next, use that claw to obtain the prize bubbles. Press the red button and move the claw above the bubbles. Then release it to have the bubbles. You might have to try for a couple of times.

In the next cooperative challenge, two players can earn 4 item bubbles. One player should stand on the red button while other should be raised to the blue platform. The player above can stand on the button and make path for the other to press another button.

You can use the Zero-G area for your benefit some bubbles. Remember that you can use objects like the wheels to jump further. There is a prize bubble above the electric floor.Make it count using a timely jump.

Time for being a reliever again. Press the levers and free some sackbots. Collect the item bubbles above the spawn door. At the end of this level, you can use the blue cylinders to jump to the ceiling and hence avoid the electric floors.

Full Metal Rabbit
You can catch bombs thrown at you and then throw them back to the enemy towers. You can also destroy the doors holding prize bubbles. Bomb tossing will also be repeated afterward. Jumping across the platforms in this level can prove to be hectic specially due to the firing hoses.

How to deal with those burning creatures? You can use the crusher against them. You need to cling to the yellow globe structure to activate it. You can use the Robobun to remove the hindrances on the ground. Don’t forget to collect the prize bubbles found around the laser turrets.

Before the level is completed, more bubbles can be collected by crushing the cannon above.

Where in the World is Avalon Centrifuge
Use your grappling skills you have learnt so far to get to the ledge and grab 3 item bubbles. Sackbots you will free in this level will be armed and will shoot the pink layered structures. You don’t need to save all of them to get the prize.

Although they are armed this time, but it does not mean that you don’t need to make way for them. So, drop the platform across to make a way for them. Grab the prize bubbles in the area.

You can deal with the enemy tank by using the grapple point at it’s back. It will expose it’s weak spot and then sackbots can finish it off. You can use the same technique for the eye creatures. Expose the weak spot and then the rest will be dealt by sackbots.

You can use Bee 2.0 to grab some prize bubbles. You have already use it. haven’t you? Make sure that you also collect the bubble above the launchpad near that overhung.

Dodge the shots of the firing turret. It will be able to fire 2 shots, but before it can fire the third, you most probably will be able to destroy it. Use the grapple points on the lift to deal with the flying enemies. Land on their weak spots and then quickly move away. Sackbots will do the rest.

You can collect a prize bubble before the boss behind the red panel. The boss this time has a weak spot it’s back. You need to slip pass it’s arms and then use the pink rings to get to it’s back where you can expose the weak spot. Again, once the weak spot is exposed, rest will be dealt by sackbots.

You can use the grapple points and launch pads to enter the giant robot and gather some prize bubbles. Beware of the poisonous gas. How will bring such large thing down. Like before, you need to expose it’s weak spot. Where is it? You can reach the weak spot (on it’s head) using the launch pads. Pull the lever to nail the giant.

Flight of the Bumble Bees
This level is all about shooting the pink objects and gather points. You can’t shoot the objects in the background though. So you need to be patient so that they come to foreground and then you can shoot them.

You need to stay focused as you can’t afford to enemies to fire at you freely which can be difficult to dodge. Take out the shooting enemies as quickly as you can. You probably will have to give two shots to this level to gather all the bubbles.

You must fire quickly to make pink walls out of your way. The boss at the end of this level will continuously fire at you. Your best chance here is that you keep moving to minimize the damage. Yes, the pink spots on it’s body are the weak points.

Into the Heart of the Negativitron – The Final Boss
Yes. You need to bring down this large beast. It’s a long fight so be patient and steady. You will be able to defeat this final boss in three rounds. You will be assisted by RoboBun in first round. Obviously you need to hit the weak points of the boss (top right portion). In order to make your hit count, you need to jump up and land on it.

Negativitron will fire deadly beams which you need to dodge. They will be easy to dodge once you have grasped the pattern of attacks. In the next round, it will start engulfing objects. You can jump onto various platform but you cant afford to be sucked in. You can use the grapple hook to move away from the danger zone. After it has been twice, the objects will start moving faster. Two more hits are needed.

In the third round, it will get tougher. Keep an eye on it’s attacks and try to read it’s patterns. Target the weak spot above the eyes and you will be able to bring this final boss down to the ground. What now? It’s over, you have completed the game.

If you are more into visuals, you can refer to our Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough Video Guide. You can also refer to our Little Big Planet 2 Prize Bubbles Guide for all the locations of the prize bubbles throughout the game.