Sony Determined To See Hotz In Court

This year saw to a rebellion of modders and hackers set ought to break down the security wall of Sony Playstation 3. Last month the failoverflow team that hacked Wii claimed you could now run a custom code on the PS3 as well. Shortly after them Geohot, the person behind the iPhone jailbreaks came out claiming he now holds the root keys to the PS3. Hence, enabling him to sign any software with the key and PS3 would have no clue whether it’s pirated, homebrew or genuine.

Next came Kakaroto who released tools to alter PS3’s custom firmware. If PS3 wasn’t enough we saw the PSP Go hacked on the fourth day, enabling it to play pirated full disc games. The major break came when Kakaroto announced that he has successfully downgraded the playstation firmware from 3.55 to 3.41.

Sony had blocked the hack which allowed players to play pirated games. Kakaroto’s method would allow PS3 owners who have upgraded their PS3s to the latest firmware to downgrade it back to 3.41, thus enabling them to use the hack again. Soon Geohot released the tools as well which would allow modders to run their own homebrew on the current PS3 update.

After a frightful week Sony decided it was time to jump into the ring with gloves on. They have taken legal action against those involved in this threat to Sony. Hotz updated his frontpage mentioning how he was served with legal papers and uploaded scans of the restraining order and details of the complaint itself. You can see them for yourself here.

Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act GeoHot and fail0verflow are charged with compromising the confidentiality of a computer; accessing to defraud and obtain value; damaging a computer or information; trafficking in passwords or similar information; and threatening to damage a computer. Sony further claimed violation of the PSN user agreement and breach of copyright based on the defendants having infringed and will continue to infringe.

These legal actions go contrary to Sony’s earlier statement that the threat to the hacks will be met with network and firmware upgrades. This definitely means that Sony knows the damage is severe, hence they are going to go all out again Hotz and his friends in stopping this threat. Sony also requested that Hotz hand over all computers and storage devices in the next 10 days. Among all things Sony still hasn’t filed for any sum of money for the damage done, saying it will be determined in court.