Dead Space 2 Preview

Dead Space was perhaps one of the best games released in 2009. The level design of the game was most impressive and as were the puzzles. Actually some of the puzzles were simply ingenious. Dead Space also excelled in other departments too. Game play was top notch, controls were precise and easy and most of all the environments and monsters were meticulously detailed. The game would send a chill down your spine any given day. Now that Dead space 2 is around the corner and a number of trailers and game play videos have been released, its preview time.

The story starts on another ship called the Sprawl, its been three years since the events that took place in Ishimura. Seems as if Sprawl is a colony ship with a large number of people. The demo shows Issac in his engineers suit who is being guided by Diana. Also there is another guy who is trying to contact Issac his name is Nolan Stross. Diana claims he’s a psychotic that killed his own family.

That’s all we could get from the demo as far as the story is concerned. Now moving on to controls. If you have played the first game you will instantly notice that Issac is much faster if we compare him to the previous installment, the finishing moves along with other melee attacks are significantly faster and easier to land. Also if you finish off an enemy using a melee move it will generate more loot. Stasis is back too and it generates over time and can be refilled with supplies. Save stations along with nodes and inventory is almost the same. New weapons along with some old ones can be acquired and upgraded. Loot can be sold to earn credits which can then be used to get supplies.

You’ll see the most common mutants from Dead Space 2, the leapers and slashers. In addition to that we saw something new. These are the children population after they got infected. They are Necromorphs who rush at you in groups.

The attention to detail for the world map is extraordinary. Sprawl was a living city before the infection started. If you’ll take Isaac to a tour of the residential section you’ll find apartments smeared in blood, bodies still in beds, smashed up TV screens, random fires, the developers have tried their best to imagine hell.

The whole story is yet to be unraveled but its obvious that Sprawl is connected to a Marker. At the end of Dead Space Isaac destroyed the Marker but it seems that the leader of Sprawl made another one. Markers are what make the Necromorphs.

The game will see to you have hallucinations about a bloodied Nicole, Issac’s girlfriend who died in the first game. It would be interesting to know how the game progresses. Dead Space 2 comes out on January 25th, 2011.