Nintendo World 2011 SSFIV & Resident Evil Details

Two main feature presentations on day 2 of the Nintendo World 2011 event was about the Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition and the two Resident Evil titles. Here’s the summary to both of them.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition:
SSFIV is not included in the 3DS Japanese launch titles so fans will have to wait for spring before that start firing fireballs.
– 35 characters and three costumes available from the beginning
– online play
– spectator mode called ‘Channel Live’
– online play may be worldwide
– Viewers in Channel Live mode can select their preferred view perspective
– mode supports up to six viewers simultaneously
– option where both players will have the command pad feature off
– using the code above, players can get a gold Chun-Li
– Download play: keep on playing even if the original host player has left

The download play option and global online gameplay is going to make this title a massive hit on the 3DS.

Resident Evil Mercenaries & Revelations
Resident Evil Revelations and Mercernaries are two seperate games coming on the 3DS. Revelations is an entirely new game while Mercenaries will have levels from the previous 3 and 4 titles. Mercenaries from a graphical point of view seems beautiful and it makes one wonder how exactly can this game run on a portable device.

– more characters than just Jill and Chris
– more than just the ship
– some stages will be huge
– says graphics compare quite favorably to console version of Resident Evil
– use the virtual pad to make Jill look around

– focus is on high action
– originates from RE5
– includes a grenade launcher that calls down an electric bolt