CES 2011: Kinect Controls For Netflix, Hulu Plus and Live Sports Social For Xbox 360

Microsoft announced Kinect Controls for Netflix and Hulu Plus during their CES 2011 keynote. Now you will be able to watch movies without the need of remote. You can play, pause and stop a movie using only the gestures. Support for Kinect Gesture Based Controls will be made available for Netflix and Hulu Plus this spring.

Finally, Sports, everyone watches sports like I for one watch football and Arsenal drew last night. Had I preferred watching the match live with my friends ? Yes!. But, you can’t always be with your friends Right ? Live Sports for Xbox Live makes this possible. Trash Talk, Predict Scores, and top the Leader Boards to earn the bragging rights, all that live from your living room.

You can watch the keynote presentation on all these features in the video below.