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Dead Rising 2: Case West Survivors Guide

You will unlock Savior achievement in Dead Rising 2: Case West, once you have saved all the survivors in single playthrough.

There are 13 people in your notebook but you only need to save 9 to unlock this achievement. You find survivors and save them by fulfilling their needs – they run off saving you the worry to lead them to a safe house unlike Dead Rising 2 Survivors. Pretty sweet right ?

Dead Rising 2: Case West Survivors Guide

Hernando Arisa
When you come out of the safehouse after finishing the first case, he will standing in front of you on some boxes.

Lisa Hersey
When you save Hernando he will tell you about Lisa and ask you to find her. You will go to the cafeteria in her pursuit, and find a note from her which will lead you to the guard tower with another note from her. Eventually, you will find her in the living quarters.

Alica Hobbes
When you save Lisa Hersey, visit the research labs as Alica Hobbes is in one of the rooms there. You will need a cattle prod with you when you reach her – she requests it.

Robert Staymore
When you are completing Case 2, he will be the one holding down the pin area by west maintenance room. He will request an assault rifle so make sure you have one when you reach him.

Allie Jack
She is in the upstairs hallway in the harvest room during Case 2-2. Fight the zombies around her and save her.

Jerry Sampson
Just when you are close to completing the Case 2, you will find him on the second floor of the living quarters in a back room. He will request a laser sword and a lightning gun as he asks for these when you reach him.

Regina Dee
You will find her hiding in the corner of the storage room near your safe house. You will need a liver and heart to fulfill her needs – so run to the research area, and follow your compass for the lead. Bring them back to her and she is saved.

Mizuki Tanahara
When you save Regina, she gives you a key to the tunnels and tell you that a crazy person is down there. Go down and find Mizuki – the crazy bastard. Who attacks you the instant you come across. Hit him few times with either fists or a weapon and he will finally calm down and let you save him.

Dean Templeton
When you destroy the electric room, you will find Dean in the server room. He needs an energizer drink so grab an apple and whiskey – mix them together in the blender inside cafeteria. To make the legendary apple whiskey energizer and give that to him to save him.