Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Map Guide

In the game of hide and seek, it’s all about knowing the secret spots of the terrain. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is no different.

You will always have an edge over your opponents if you know the tactical locations like the chase breakers in each map. Each map has its own tactical requirement and you need to explore them thoroughly before you plan your strategy for each map.

Following brief notes on each multiplayer map can help the cause.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Map Guide

The market square at the center of the map can be the focal point of the map. There are some good spots to blend in and disappear but once your cover is blown, you need get out of there asap and search for some lifts and closing gates on the ground level to disappear. Rooftops although seems to be the quickest way around but since there is no cover, you can easily be spotted up there. Successive corner helpers can also help in evading your pursuer.

There are many narrow streets which makes it easy to evade the active pursuers. Rooftops can be useful sometimes. There are several hiding spots distributed throughout the map. You can use them tactically to evade and also they can help you as a predator.

If you are a hunter then you must know about the high points surrounding Piazza San Marco. You can target your prey and then finish it off in hustle and bustle of the Carnival. You can use the port area as your escape route and then the hiding spot to vanish. There aren’t much tactical spots except for this San Marco area so explore it properly.

Castel Gandolfo
You can use the balconies to watch your preys and then latch onto them when the time is right. Escaping a pursuer can be tricky as your path adopted to as an escape route can be predictive. So you need to blend your escape with a number of pursuit breakers. You should also use the crowded hiding spots which will make it difficult for your pursuer to spot you.

There are plenty of spots to hide in this map (specially the central area) which can be used both for offensive and defensive approach. This map is like a complete city with a lots of streets in it. There are lots of opens spaces and hence fast strikes and chases are expected. You can use the darkness in some alleys for your benefit.

Florence has got a unique design. Escapees will usually have an edge in this map as they can easily break the line of sight. You need to be careful about the elevated portions as someone can be waiting to latch onto you form above. You can use the rooftops and the ledges for the ideal assassinations.

San Donato
The focal point of the map is the central convent. Pursuers will be hard to shake off in this map. If you don’t have good escape abilities in this map then you most probably will have a hard time in here. There aren’t many hiding spots so you need to blend in crowds to escape. And yes, the green lush bushes you see, are the hiding spots in this map.

I love the map for its colors. Most of the gameplay will be on ground as there aren’t much rooftops and hiding spots in this map. So your strategy here is highly dependent on your abilities. The one’s being chased will have tough time to escape. Make sure you know about the all of the few hiding spots in the map which can help you in tracing your prey.