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Diablo III Class: Demon Hunter

The demon hunter is out for vengeance. As a child she watched her home and town get ravaged by demons. Before they could kill her too, she escaped and hid out until a demon hunter found her. He took her as one of his own and trained her to fire an arrow with a precision that would only be witnessed by a demon.

Diablo III Class: Demon Hunter Abilities

Fan Of Knives: The demon hunter throws out knives in a radius causing damage to all nearby enemies.

Molten Arrow: The hunter shoots a charged arrow that burns everything in its path to a crisp.

Grenade: You barrage a target with grenades causing damage to all enemies.

Bola: The demon hunter shoots an enemy with a charged arrow. After a second the enemy will explode killing nearby enemies.

Entangling Shot: When an enemy is shot with an entangling arrow, any nearby enemies will be chained and share the damage.