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Bad Company 2: Vietnam Vehicles Guide

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam comes with vehicles that were used in the Vietnam war. You can read the effectiveness of each of these vehicles in the guide below.

Light Vehicles

It’s a small open vehicle with a mounted machine gun. It’s quite fast and is useful to cover large distance.

It’s a fast vehicle. But since there is no machine gun attached to it, you can be in trouble specially in the enemy territory.

Looks like a Jeep and is mounted with a machine gun like in M151 MUTT.

Heavy Vehicles

This tank has got a flamethrower as the secondary weapon. There is also a search light above the barrel.

This tank has got a machine gun as its secondary weapon. It’s almost 7m in length.

Air Vehicles

UH-1 Huey
UH-1 Huey (a chopper) can carry 6 passengers at a time. 2 mounted machine guns can be used and there are 2 rocket pods to fire.

Water Vehicles

PBR Patrol Boat River
You can use this boat to travel through water. It can be useful to transport strategically.