Crysis 2 Multiplayer Classes

There are 5 different classes in Crysis 2 and each has different combination of weapons and abilities.These classes are customizable and hence you can change them with your unlocked weapons and gear. These classes are:

You will have a “SCAR Mk. 20 Superior Combat Assault Rifle” as your primary weapon while you will have a “Hammer Pistol” as your secondary default weapon. And yea, you will have a Frag grenade too.

This is a devastating class and your default primary weapon in this class is going to be “MK-60”. Hammer Pistol remains as the secondary weapon.

Your primary weapon will be a “K-Volt Electrostatic Pellet Gun” with Hammer Pistol as the secondary firearm. The frag grenade can be used as a defensive measure to protect your objective on a violent enemy attack.

Carries a typical pump action as the primary weapon while the Hammer Pistol is the back up firearm. There are flash bangs which can be used in distress times.

There is a sniper scope over DSG-1 rifle for distant shooting. This class comes with Hammer Pistol as the secondary weapon along with some flash bangs.

We will discuss these classes in more detail, once the game is released.