The Top 5 Kinect Hacks You Should See

Kinect  was hacked open in less than 3 hours of its release in Europe and followed by the release of open source Kinect software. Since than programmers around the world have been consistently creating fascinating control schemes and functionality that you may never had expected before. Here’s our run down to the best five Kinect Hacks in terms of functionality and awesomeness.

Using Gestures To Control Windows 7 Apps
Games aren’t the only focus for Kinect, Evoluce has released a video showcasing how simple hand gestures can be used to control windows 7 applications. Imagine a future generation where keyboards and mice are a thing of the past. You could fully interact with your OS using only your hand gestures.

Kinect as Nintendo Controller on PC
Yankeyan has successfuly programed his Kinect to recognize his motions for Mario on the NES. Playing mario like this looks pretty hard but we have to give him props for his work. Imagine a similar concept for Swat based gameplay for first person shooters…

Environment Recreations Using The Kinect
Squadbot is able to gather information of an environment and recreate it simultaneously in 3d using Kinect. First of all a camera was attached to a mobile robot. The robot runs around capturing data of the scene infront of it and sends it back wirelessly to the user. The robot can be commanded by using arm gestures to point the direction it needs to go. The data sent back can be processed to recreate the whole scenario in a 3d environment.

Real Life Light Saber
Maybe not that innovative but still very cool. Yan has successfully altered his Kinect to track a mere wooden stick. That stick shows up as a light saber on screen and for sure it glows. He used OpenKinect drivers along with OpenCV for tracking, processing and rendering. Finally he used Audacity to record and process the humming notion when he swings his light saber. Yan’s next step is to add a flying attacking droid which he can cut down with his light saber. Looks like we’ll see a real life Jedi scene pretty soon in the future.

Crazy Head Tracking
We’ve seen many house hold projects showing us head tracking using varied programs and softwares. Sittiphol Phanvilai from Hua Lampong Co has used the Kinect to successfully implement the head tracking phenomenon to create an in depth view. For this scenario he used android dolls. Their project, Kinect VR makes you view the android dolls relative to the angle you are. The whole package consumes very low CPU memory and hence processing is very fast. This is the bread and butter for a 3d environment and will do wonders for future games.

How do you see the future with all these possibilities ? Are u willing to give anyone of these a try ? If you want to view more Kinect Hacks, pay a visit to