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Microsoft Kinect To Get Firmware Updates

Microsoft said a lot of things about Kinect earlier this year, for instance the ability to recognize sign language. This was later ruled out by Microsoft just before it’s release which off course had people talking about Kinect’s camera.

Currently the Kinect’s camera has a depth sensor which operates at a resolution of 320×240 at 30 frames per second. Eurogamer reports that the Kinect would do better if the resolution was doubled, 640×480.
All this talk over the disappointment at Kinect’s camera must have started Microsoft moving since an anonymous source informed Eurogamer that Microsoft is now working to enhance the accuracy of the Kinect through firmware updates.

The amount of data Kinect can send is capped at around 15mbps even though it can receive up to 35mbps of data due to USB and other devices plugged in at the same time. Microsoft is trying for a method in compression or switching which would increase the amount of data that Kinect can receive and send.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on this yet but with the Wii and Move out in the market we are definitely seeing some improvements made to the Kinect in the future.