Conduit 2 – Digging into the Story!

Eric Stoll, the lead game designer on Conduit 2 shares his views on the story and intro to Conduit 2. You can read these extracts from his blog post that explain the background, whats new in the game and what you should expect of Conduit 2.

The Story So Far..

Conduit 2 is the sequel to 2009’s The Conduit, continuing the story of Michael Ford, a Secret Agent who saved the President’s life when the rest of the security detail that he was a part of went rogue.

Michael was then lured into joining “The Trust”, a secret government organization run by John Adams, whose hunger for power ultimately pushed Michael away. Michael was then contacted by a conspirator identified as Prometheus. Together, the two unraveled a massive conspiracy of galactic proportions. John Adams was an alien and he had been developing alien-human hybrid soldiers, known as the Drudge, in order to take over the world, starting with Washington D.C.

After the invasion started, Prometheus sacrificed himself and placed his essence into the All Seeing Eye (ASE), a mysterious alien device with strange powers. Michael eventually found John Adams in a bunker located below the city but Adams was ready and had a trap waiting for him. As a momentous battle raged between Michael and the Drudge soldiers, Adams escaped through a conduit.

Standing in Adams’ bunker as the invasion of Washington D.C. rages above him, starring at the strange conduit in front of him, Michael had only one choice. Follow the bastard and finish this once and for all.

This is where Conduit 2’s opening cinematic begins…

What’s New

With this cinema, we hope to draw an emotional response from the player, invoking a sense of awe and wonder as they look forward to the game by demonstrating interesting locations and foreshadowing gameplay and potential bosses.

In The Conduit, Michael Ford’s story took place mostly in Washington D.C. For Conduit 2, we’ve expanded the scope of the game dramatically, adding locations all across the globe. In the intro cinematic, as Ford stands in the ruins of Adams’ D.C. bunker, Ford steps through the conduit and you can immediately see what Ford sees traveling through the “worm hole”.

We immediately cut to underwater shots of a strange alien craft, submerged at the bottom of the ocean. As it begins to power up, we hear a female voice foreshadowing events to come. This woman can be found inside the crashed ship, but what her role is in what’s to come has yet to be revealed… She goes on to say that Ford has “doomed us all”. That statement hints at one of the epic moments that players will enjoy as they progress through the game.

Also under water you see the protector of the crashed ship, a colossal sea serpent, known as the Leviathan. He’s a 100-foot tall monster with devastating firepower that’s been drawn to the oil rig for some reason. A reason that Ford will soon discover…

As the cinema winds to a close, you see a conduit on the oil rig activate with a brilliant flash of light and a cut to the game’s title. This leads directly into gameplay with an unarmed, disoriented Ford waking up on a rain-soaked deck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

This is where the game starts..

Source. Sega America