A Chance For Sex Games On The Kinect?

Isn’t it amazing as to how time progresses. When the Wii was released people went saying, “How cool it would be if there was a sex game using these motion nunchuck controllers”. Well if you were one of them you would be proud of the gaming industry. With Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect the technology in motion controlled gameplay has taken a leap into time.

ThriXXX is a Software company who have been making sex games for some time, you might have played their ever popular 3D SexVilla 2. They have decided it’s time to utilize the Kinect’s technology for their 3d awesomeness. However, it’s a long shot that the game will ever reach the Kinect or Move for that matter. ThriXXX said that the company hopes to launch the game on Windows 7 next year in 2011. Their demo of the game got booted off Youtube because it was against their policies…duh.