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Yakuza 4 Kazuma and Saejima Trailer

Fans of Yakuza 3 were in for a treat at E3 this year when it was announced that the next title, Yakuza 4 would be hitting shelves in the US. This was surprising for some since it had only been months for the release of Yakuza 3.

With players still playing the former title, there was a fair amount of controversy about Sega cutting items from the game for the US version. Well don’t worry about that since the game will have everything and will see to no removal of anything.

The city level for the game is Tokyo and the names for all the characters will remain the same (Kazuma, Akiyama, Tanimura and Saejima). The game is set for release in March of 2011 exclusively for the Playstation 3. Check the new trailers after the break…