Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Perks and Killstreaks Guide

By   /   Dec 13, 2010

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer features various killstreak rewards to keep you going in your multiplayer journey. You make use of the different perks in the game to improve your chances of landing a killstreak.
Even if you repeatedly fail achieving any particular killstreak, there are losing killstreaks to reward you of your efforts. Following is the breakdown of perks and killstreaks in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.


You can earn points for killstreaks you pull and if you are failing successively, the losing streaks will help you getting your first kill. Here is how it works with Killstreaks and Losing Streaks with the points you earn for achieving these.

Kills StreakPointsLevel
3 Kills Streak1007
E Kills Streak30013
5 Kills Steak25018
5 Kills Steak750
Loss StreakEffectLevel
3 Loss StreakIncrease your Compass

precision until you kill a target

3 Loss StealYour cool down abilities are reset upon each death9
5 Loss StreakDouble point for each assassination you perform17
5 Loss StreakAbility cool downs are reduced till you get your first kill28


Perks are the addons you can use to enhance your strength. More Perks are unlocked as you progress through levels.

Enhanced Auto bashIt increase the number of NPCs  you can use before being unbalanced while you are running20
Wall RunnerYou climb the walls faster.22
ResistanceYou will be stunned for 3 seconds instead of 527
BlenderIncreases your blending skill by changing one of NPCs to your appearance.30
Fast GatewayReduces the time limit for the pursuer chasing you.33
Chase ExpertThere is a boost in speed while chasing your target.38
Overall Cool downsReduces the cool down period.40
Silent HuntDecreases your enemy’s compass.42

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