Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Scores and Bonuses

The number of points you score in Assassins Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer depends on the way you kill your target. The more difficult is the kill, the more you score. To score more you would want to know the Brotherhood Multiplayer Basics. After the index, read the guide to scores and bonuses in Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

Kill Bonuses

Name Requirement Score Points
Discreet Kill in Discreet which means that you need to get to high profile mode before killing your target. 50
Acrobatic Kill like a ninja by climbing, airborne etc. 200
Silent Stay out of high profile mode when you are about to kill him 100
Drop Kill Take down a target by pouncing on him from a ledge like a punter. 150
Hidden Kill while in hiding spot 200
Mid Air Shoot the target (when it is in mid air) using the hidden gun. 100
Focus Kill when a white bar fully encircles the Assassinate icon above your target’s head 150
First Blood First Kill of the Session 50
Poison Kill your target with poison ability 200
Savior Kill a target that is 10m away from its own target. 50
Intercepted Take out the target that has been poisoned by another player. 50
Revenge Kill an agent who killed you 50
Poacher Kill a target being pursued by another player who is 10m away from the target. 50
Grounded Kill a target after it is on ground. 50
Incognito Don’t get into the high profile mode throughout 300

Team Bonus Rewards

Name Requirement Score Points
Multi Kill Should kill 2 targets in a row within ten seconds. 200
Rescue Stun a pursuer chasing your fellow 150
Diversion Killed a target that is being chased by your teammate. 150
Co-op kill Assassinate a target locked by your teammate. 100
Co- op Stun Stun a target locked by your teammate. 100
Knock- out Just like multi kill but you need to stun instead of killing. 200

End Round Bonuses

Name Requirement Score Points
Good Start You should be in the team that wins the first round 100
Podium Finished one of the three podium positions 200
Average Kills Maintain best Kill/Death ratio 300
Survivor Have lowest deaths in the match 400
Untouchable No death in a complete match 1000
Team Win Be in the winning team 200

Other Bonuses
Escape moves like stunning and making your pursuer kill some other players of same persona as you can earn you some points. So along with a better assassin, being a good escapee is always useful.