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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Challenges

Complete these challenges in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood to gain and unlock ability upgrades. Follow the guide
below to successfully complete these challenges in Multiplayer Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Challenges

Abilities Challenges

  1. Up in Smoke
    You need to use a smoke to block your opponents path either during a chase or on a hunt.
  2. Mirage
    Use decoy against your foe to complete this challenge.
  3. Pharmacist
    This challenge requires your to kill an enemy with Poisson ability.
  4. Knife Thrower
    Use knives on your enemies.
  5. Timber
    You need to throw knife on a climbing target to make him fall.
  6. Masquerade
    Use disguise ability so that you can escape from a pursuer.
  7. Powerless
    Use the Mute ability to stun an opponent
  8. Headbutt
    Stun an enemy using the charge ability
  9. Lightning Bolt
    You need to use firecrackers on your opponent to stun him.
  10. Speed Demon
    Escape a pursuer using the sprint ability.
  11. Made you Look
    Use your decoy ability against an enemy from the hiding spot.
  12. Collision
    Use the charge ability to knock out a target.
  13. Run for his Life
    Use your sprint ability to kill a target.
  14. Smoke Screen
    Use smoke bomb against your foe.
  15. Pyrotechnician
    Use a firecracker to stun and then kill a target.
  16. Unhealthy Lifestyle
    Poison an enemy while being in low profile
  17. Expose
    Use firecrackers against a group using Morphed ability.
  18. Play with your food
    Slow down your target by throwing knives and then finish em off with hidden weapon.
  19. Lucky Shot
    Kill a target in less than 1 second aim using the hidden gun.
  20. Cut through the Fog
    Use a smoke bomb against your pursuer.
  21. On the Fly
    Take out an enemy with your hidden gun when you are in air i.e during “Leap of Faith” or a jump.
  22. Ready or Not
    Use charge ability to pounce on your target in a morphed group.
  23. Take Down
    Use throwing knives on an opponent sprinting or charging towards you.
  24. Power Through
    Use the Sprint ability if your are slowed down by throwing knives.

Assassinate Challenges

  1. The Surprise Attack
    Stun any pursuer.
  2. Killing Assignment
    You need to take out enemies in sessions.
  3. Early bird
    Be the first one to kill and gather points.
  4. Spice of Life
    Get a variety bonus.
  5. Underdog
    Kill a session leader
  6. Brutal Avenger
    Kill someone who killed you.
  7. Hush
    Perform silent kills.
  8. Euthanasia
    All you need to do is kill an already grounded target.
  9. Gunslinger
    Perform a hidden Gun kill.
  10. Escapist
    Escape from pursuers and gather some points.
  11. Flying Templar
    Fly and perform some kills.
  12. Survival of the Fittest
    Knock out a target injured by throwing knives.
  13. Acrobatic
    Perform some acrobatic kills and get the respective bonus.
  14. Undercover
    Earn some hidden bonus points.
  15. Head to Head
    Stay in close proximity of your target for at least 3s and then kill it.
  16. Unstoppable
    Perform 4 kills in a row.
  17. Clairvoyant
    Kill a disguised or morphed target.
  18. Disappearing act
    Escape from 2 pursuers successively.
  19. One two Punch
    Kill and escape in less than 10 second time.
  20. Out of Sight
    Kill a target while being blinded.
  21. Bench Warmer
    Kill an enemy sitting on a bench from the bench beside him.

Navigation Challenges

  1. Death from Above
    Perform kills through beams
  2. Speed Assassination
    Find your target within 15 seconds of the contract
  3. Socialist
    Blend in a crowd for 2 minutes in a session.
  4. Like an Eagle
    It can completed by performing some leaps of faith.
  5. Into thin Air
    Use a chase breaker to escape.
  6. Needle in Haystack
    Perform a kill while you are in a haystack.
  7. Basher
    Follow your target while hitting the crowd and piercing it.
  8. In Plain Sight
    Keep hidden for 10 seconds from your pursuer while still in range.

Session Challenges

  1. Sprinter
    Win races using the sprint ability in sessions.
  2. Animus Technici
    Kill using each of the 10 default characters in the game.
  3. Lead by example
    Lead score in a session.
  4. Apprentice
    Score 1000 points in a session.
  5. Multiplier
    Get each type of bonus twice in a session.
  6. High Class Killer
    Perform kills that are worth atleast 400 points.
  7. Seeing Double
    Stun your pursuer while you are morphed in a group.
  8. Artist
    Score more than 1000 points in first minute.
  9. Sniper
    Kill 5 with your hidden gun in the same session.
  10. Stunning
    Stun 2 pursuers within 30 seconds.
  11. Perfect Kill
    Make 1200 points from a single kill.
  12. Rush Hour
    Score 1500 points in the beginning minute.
  13. Cloak and Dagger
    Being in disguise, stun your pursuer.
  14. Purist
    Don’t use any abilities and score more than 3500 points.
  15. Still Alive
    Finish a session without any death.
  16. Grand Master
    Score 4000 points in the same session.
  17. Hit and Run
    Stun your pursuer and then escape.
  18. Never Stop
    Make your pursuer follow you for 30 seconds and then escape from him.

These challenges are bound to keep you busy. Isn’t it?