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New Mortal Kombat Roster Confirmed?

A lot of “accidental” releases and leaks along with a confirmation trailer is the order of the day. The already confirmed roster for the game was announced some time back. The MK team had told us we should be expecting an old school roster for the new Mortal Kombat Game. They already had announced Scorpion, Subzero, Raiden and Mileena.

Subzero according to the game’s website is supposed to be the original Subzero which is pretty vague since the original one died according to MK mythology and was brought back as Noob Saibot. So Saibot and the original subzero in the same game?

Apart from that a leak from one of the team members gave us the information on the other characters on the roster.

  1. Ermac
  2. Goro
  3. Kabal
  4. Noob Saibot
  5. Quanchi
  6. Shang Sun
  7. Syndel
  8. Smoke
  9. Striker

Finally a teaser trailer came out on the Internet today featuring Scorpion and Subzero. The surprise was an appearance by “Kratos” at the end. Yes, the sony version will have Kratos in the multiplayer option whereas the extra for Microsoft is still unannounced.