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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Strategy Guide

You will start off with a lousy weapon and no money in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode.

You earn money repairing the broken barricades and killing zombies. Use that money to buy perks, weapons and remove debris to open new zones in the map.

Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops doesn’t end, so stop trying. It’s an infinite mode, only difficulty is increased as you go up.

You can either play solo or co op. Both require different gameplay approach, and strategies. One significant advantage when playing solo comes in your ability to pause the game.

You can pause the game and take your dinner and resume later. Unlike co-op, where one of your friend has to leave for dinner et cetra and you are left stranded fighting zombies.

Types of Zombies

Regular Zombies
They are pretty much the same with different speed and health attributes. These are the guys you encounter the most.

Gas Zombies
These zombies crawl on ground and start to spawn once you have turned on the power. They explode when they come in contact with Nova Gas hence called Gas Zombies.

They are specific to Kino Der Toten, they are the dog zombies. Not much of a worry, spray and kill.

The Point System

Hit Zombie – 10 points
Lethal Hit – 50-60 points
Headshot – 100 points
Melee Zombie – 10 points
Lethal Melee – 130 points
Hellhound Hit – 10 points
Kill Hellhound – 60-100 points

Per Barricade – 10 points
Full Repair – 60 points

– Round Caps
Round 1 – 40 points
Round 2 – 90 points
Round 3 – 140 points
Round 4 – 140 points

Black Ops Zombies Weapons, Perks and Power Ups
You can read our guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies weapons, perks and power ups. All the basics to weapons and perks; when and where they are effective. How to make the best use of these. When to use your power ups and how to get these. Everything you ever wanted to know about these.

Basic Strategy Guide

1# Avoid Contact
Don’t try to run past zombies when they are chasing you unless you have jugger-nog. You would multiple hits if came in contact, and can easily be downed. Don’t get yourself surrounded by zombies; keep a safe distance.

2# Repair and Repair Consistently
Don’t leave any barricade open and repair as soon as one is broken. You never know, when you get busy fighting a horde just to be hit from behind by a zombie entering from the broken barricade. You can repair even when you fighting zombies, you just need to have the interact button pressed.

3# Leave Two Zombies in the End
Things are different in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now, instead of leaving one zombie at the very end of the level. Leave two zombies to repair all the broken barricades and buy weapons. If you leave one zombie it would become too fast and you may have to kill em. Or you can opt to make it crawler but even then it would be fast enough to harm you.

4# Let Zombies Go Past Barricades If You Want Power Ups
Zombies drop power ups but not, unless they are allowed to go past the barricades. So, whenever you feel the need of random power up, let few pass the barricade and kill them to get power ups.

5# Weapons of Choice
Find any weapon you like off a wall, make sure you have any good enough that you buy off a wall when needed. Wall weapons are the only guns always available to you. So, you need something off wall that you are comfortable with. If you want to know which one you prefer the most; experiment.

6# Max Ammo and Insta Kill
First off, before you pick up max ammo; reload. When you have insta kill, don’t waste ammo of your primary weapon, use your secondary weapon.

7# Communicate and Listen to the Sound
If you playing with your team, communicate and get your coordination going. Don’t make lot of noise on team chat though or you can miss the zombie sneaking behind you.

8# Leave an Exit
Always have a teleporter exit waiting for you if and when needed. That would really help you when overwhelmed with zombies.

9# Plan your strategy and change accordingly
Don’t stick to one strategy, plan and change it a bit. Keep the Game AI confused, if you can.

10# Running is Good
Always be on the run, don’t stay at one spot far too long to get cornered.

Black Ops Zombie Maps

If you are looking for map specific strategy guide, you should read one of these.

If you have something to add to this strategy guide, don’t hold back; comment away.