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Cataclysm Goblin Leveling Guide 1-20

The goblins in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm are the gnome versions for the horde, finally they get to go small for once. The starting point for the goblic race is the KTC headquarters in Kezan. Note the standard racial abilities that your goblin will have:

Best Deals Anywhere – Best possible gold discounts regardless of reputation.
Better Living Through Chemistry – Alchemy skill is increased by 15
Rocket Barrage – Launches belt rockets at an enemy causing fire damage.
Rocket Jump – Activates rocket belt to jump forward
Time Is Money – 1% increase to attack and casting speed.

Kezan City
Taking Care Of Business – Speak to Sassy Hardwrench, she wants you to overthrow Trade Price Gallywix but first you must prove yourself by doing some tasks. First of all you must go find Foreman Dampwick. He will further give you two more tasks.

Trouble In The Mines – Kill eight Tunnel Worms

Good Help Is Hard To Find – You have to discipline eight Defiant Troll slaves. Right click on one that is not doing any work and your super duper All-In-1-Der Belt will discipline him.

Kaja’Cola – Collet 5 Kaja’Colas from the mines and deliver them to Sassy Hardwrench at KTC Headquarters on Kezan.

Megs In Marketing – Speak with Megs Dreadshredder at KTC Headquarters on Kezan.

Rolling With My Homies – You are given the keys to a Hot Rod and should pick your friends: Ace, Gobber and Izzy. Izzy is up at headquarters sunbathing at the pool, while Gobber is at the intersection of the KTC road and the main highway, while Ace is just off the main highway at the gas station.

Do It Yourself – Sassy wants you to intiminate people who owe her money.

The New You – Chip suggests that perhaps you should get some new attire for an upcoming party.

The Replacements – While you’re riding in your Hot Rod, stop at Kajaro Field and take this quest. It will ask you to pick up eight replacement parts which are all over Kezan.

Necessary Roughness – It’s a fun quest. You’ll be placed in a steel vehicle and asked to bomb eight robots, just aim and fire by pressing “1”.

Fourth And Goal – Once again you’ll be placed in a steelbot and asked to throw a ball between two steel pipes.

Give Sassy The News – Inform Sassy the news of your victory.

Life Of The Party – You are given clothes and tools for the party. Your quest is to impress 15 party guests by fulfilling their wishes. You can know their wishes by checking the chat bubbles above their heads. Select the appropriate tool from your ability bar for their wishes.

Pirate Party Crashers – Take out 12 party crashers.

Liberating The Kaja’mite – Go back to the mines and find one of the big sparkly Kaja’mite veins. Toss one of the bombs provided to you at it and collect 15 chunks once it’s exploded to complete the quest.

Robbing Hoods – Take out your Hot Rod and enter the city. You need to run over 20 Hired Looters, is this fun or what?

The Great Bank Heist – Break into the bank vault using your belt and loot the riches.

Waltz Right In – You’ll be given a Mook disguise for this quest. Use it and head to Gallywix’s Villa located in the northwestern part. You need to grab three items from the villa but avoid the pigs as they can smell you. The items are in each building in the villa: The Ultimate Bomb to the northeast, the Goblin Lisa to the west and Maldy’s Falcon upstairs to the south.

447 – You need to insure a grand explosion. Overload the generator inside, turn on the leaky gas stove and drop a cigar on the bed. Head outside to activate the control panel to complete the quest.

Life Savings – This is the last quest of the lot. You are forced to hand over life savings to Gallywix as well as the Hot Rod. But all is not lost since you’ll make it to Azeroth.

The Lost Isles
Unfortunately for you, the boat has crashed during it’s voyage. You wake up to see two goblins performing medical treament on you.

Don’t Go Into The Light – Speak with Doc Zapnozzle to complete the quest and make a full recovery.

Goblin Escape Pods – Search and rescue six goblins who are trapped in their escape pods.

Get Our Stuff Back! – Collect eight crates of tools that are scattered all over the shore.

It’s Our Problem Now – Kill six Treaptop hatchlings that are roaming the jungle close to you.

Monkey Business – Feed 10 Bomb-Throwing Monkeys by passing Nitro-Potassium Bananas to them.

Help Wanted – Speak with Foreman Dampwick outside of the Kaja’mite Cavern on the Lost Isles

Miner Troubles – You are to escort the frightened miner through the Kaja’mite Cavern. When you enter the cave you will be automatically be offered another quest.

Capturing The Unknown – While escorting the frightened miner, take pictures of three cave paintings and the altar at the end near the Pygmy Witchdoctor and the Dead Orc Scout.

Orcs Can Write – Take the field journal you found on the body of the orc to Sassy Hardwrench at Shipwreck Shore.

The Enemy Of My Enemy – Sassy will ask you to take the journal to the Aggra at the Horde Base Camp on the Lost Isles.

The Vicious Vale – Aggra wants you to prove your worth. Find and speak with Kilag Gorefang near the Horde Base Camp.

Weed Whacker – Use your belt’s Weed Whacker tool to take out 100 plants for Kilag.

Back To Aggra – Speak with Aggra back at the Horde Base Camp.

Forward Movement – Speak With Kilag again. Simply follow the path through the Vicious Vale up to the Savage Glen and the Wild Overlook.

Infrared = Infradead – In this quest you will team up with one of Kilag’s scout. You will have to use goblin made special goggles to kill 10 SI:7 assassins.

To The Cliffs – Accepting the quest will automatically put players on Bastia. She will stop just north of the Alliance Beachhead, next to Scout Brax.

Get To The Gyrochoppa – You have to kill and loot the Gyrochoppa keys from any one of the SI:7 assassins.

Precious Cargo – You will have to fly the Gyrochoppa to the nearby Alliance ship to obtain a special cargo. The cargo is “Thrall” himself who was captured while unconscious.

Meet Me Up On Top – Fight your way out and reach the upper deck of the ship.

Warchief’s Revenge – Press “1” to massacre 50 sailors in blizzard epic style.

Up, Up & Away – You will test ride a rocket to the larger island. The rocket will explode but not before you reach your mark. Push the plunger there to activate the town-in-a-box.

Hobat Needs You – Speak with Hobart Grapplehammer

Cluster Cluck – Round up 10 Wild Cluckers. Find them and right click to strap a rock to their backs, goblin style.

Trading Up – Bamm wants some real eggs to eat. Place Clucker eggs in the traps Bamm has made to capture some Raptors so you can steal their eggs.

The Biggest Egg Ever – Head north to the Scorched Gully to kill the Mechachicken. Loot the egg she drops after dying and return it to Hobart for your reward.

Who’s Top Of The Food Chain Now? – Hobart wants some shark meat now. Swim out into the Dire Strait and collect six Shark Parts by killing Ravenous Lurkers.

A Goblin In Shark’s Clothing – Use the Mechashark X-Stream to slay The Hammer.

Invasion Imminent! – Speak with Megs Dreadshredder at the western entrance to the Ruins of Vashj’eian.

Bilgwater Cartel Represent – Destroy 12 Naga Banners, replacing them with Bilgewater Cartel Banners.

Naga Hide – Kill Nagas to get 5 Naga Hides.

Irresistible Pool Pony – Take the pool pony to the Vashj’elan Spawning Pool. Swim close to the any hatchlings and they will start following you. Bring back 12 hatchlings to Megs.

Surrender Or Else – Take the hatchlings back to the ruins and you will use them as leverage to convince the Naga leader to surrender. However, he turns out to be one of the faceless and does not care about the hatchlings. Kill the leader as quickly as you can.

Get Back To Town – Head for the Town-In-A-Box and seek out Sassy.

Town-In-A-Box Under Attack – Get into the B.C. Eliminator and fire your cannon to take out 30 Oomlot Warriors.

Congratulations, you’re Level 10 now.

Oomlot Village – Speak with Izzy at Oomlot Village on the Lost Isles. You can find him just outside of the town on the right.

Free The Captives – Kill shamans to free six Goblin Captives.

Send A Message – Kill Yngwie, you can find him on the southeast side of the village.

Oomlot Dealt With – Speak to Sassy Hardwrench at the Town-In-A-Box on the Lost Isles.

Up The Volcano – Speak with Coach Crosscheck at the Lost Peak on the Lost Isles.

Zombies vs Super Booster Rocket Boots – Use the Super Rocket Boots provided to you to take out any zombies in your path. Simply fly over a zombie and your Super Rocket Boots will turn him into a giant inferno. Kill 50 Zombies this way.

Rockin’ Powder – Search for five piles of the powder in any of the pygmy villages.

Three Little Pygmies – You have to visit the Nord, Sor and Ost pygmy villages. In each village you to kill their leaders. All of them are standing around the large central fire in each of the villages.

Lost Caldera
Rocket Boot Boost – Have your boots take you to Hobart Grapplehammer inside the Lost Caldera.

Children Of A Turtle God – Loot 10 Fire Glands from the turtles to fix your boots.

Volcanoth! – Head for Volcanoth’s cave south of Hobart’s camp. Use your Bootzooka to kill him.

Old Friends – Speak with Thrall at the Warchief’s Lookout on the Lost Isles.

Tranquil Coast
Repel The Paratroopers – Head quickly for the coast and kill 15 paratroopers.

The Heads Of The SI:7 – Slay the three SI:7 leaders. You’ll find all of them standing outside tents with the Alliance flags outside.

Mine Dispoal, The Goblin Way – Use the satchel provided to you to blow up 12 mines on the coast.

The Pride Of Kezan – You’re now given the use of a Goblin Plane. Use it to shoot down 10 Gnomeregan Stealth Fighters.

The Warchief Wants You – Head back and speak to Thrall.

Borrow Bastia – You are told to head back to the coast and seek out Kilag.

Let’s Ride – Ride Bastia and you’ll automatically be brought to Slinky.

Sky Falls
The Gallywix Labor Mine – Speak with Assistant Greely inside the Gallywix Reeducation Cavern. Kill Brue Overseers on the way into the cavern and take the first right. Jump off the ramp and head southwest to find Greely.

Kaja’cola Gives You Ideas! – Head back the way you came and pick the Kaga’cola can. Return it to Greely to complete the quest.

Morale Boost – Collect 13 Kaza’cola cans and use them to release the prisoners.

Throw It On The Ground! – You need to kill Blastshadow but he will be tricky. He and his succubus can be found at the very north edge of the underground lake. Kill him quickly to rid yourself of the demon and then hurry to his body. Quickly right click his soulstone to collect it then throw it at his corpse to prevent him from resurrecting.

Brute Brutality – Kill six Brute Overseers in the mine.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Head west down into the mine and you’ll end up outside. Turn in the quest at the mine cart.

Wild Mine Cart Ride – Simply ride the cart to the end and then speak with Greely.

Bligewater Lumber Yard
Shredder Shutdown – Kill 10 Steamwheedle Sharks south of the mine cart.

The Ultimate Football Uniform – Collect 10 Spare Shredder Parts from the lumber yard south of Crosscheck’s location.

Release The Valves – Head for the KTC Oil Platform to the northwest and release valves 1-4 to overload the system. Valve 1 can be found just up the entrance ramp on the left side. Go straight back the oil rig from Valve 1 until you come across Valve 2 once again on the left. Move south from Valve 2 and jump at off the platform just beside the house to find Valve 3. Swim north from here until you encounter Valve 4.

Oil Change – Kill KTC Bots around the rig and coastline to loot 4 Kajaro Grade Oil.

The Fastest Way To His Heart – Take the ramp onto the Oil Platform and take the first left. You’ll find the traitor Chip, kill him and collect his heart.

Goodbye Sweet Oil – Press the red button to blow up the oil rig.

The Slave Pits – Speak with Sassy to complete this quest.

The Slave Pits
What Kind Of Name Is Candy Anyway? – Enter the slave pits and go straight to the end to find and kill Candy.

Southseas Scum – Slay 10 Southsea Mercenaries.

Escape Velocity – Attach the Single-Stage Booster Rockets to launch the cages of 10 Kezan Citizens or Goblin Survivors.

Final Confrontation – Get into your Ultimate Footbomb Uniform and show the Trade Prince the error of his ways.

Victory! – Speak to Thrall to complete the quest chain.

Gallywix Docks
Warcheif’s Emissary – You are required to deliver a package to Thrall’s Kor’kron friend on the docks at Bladefist Bay. Speak with Sassy to being your voyage.

Message For Garrosh – Deliver the SI:7 Emblem to Garrosh Hellscream at Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.

Report to the Labor Captain – Report to Labor Captain Grabbit at the Orgrimmar Rear Gate in Azshara.