World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Gold Strategy Guide

If you are to play World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, you know gold is what makes the world go round. Without gold, you can’t get the newest armor, newest weapons, best mounts, and the best pvp gear. Don’t worry though, you can read below the secrets to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Economy; all that for free.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Gold Strategy Guide

There are only counted ways you can earn lot of Gold in World of Warcraft. So the best strategy comes in doing them again and again.

1# Daily Quests

When it comes to Gold, daily quests are by far the most easiest way. In Cataclysm leveling up from 1-80, and the amount of gold earned on the way, has significantly been reduced. Leveling up 80-85 earns you by far more gold than doing all the quests before though, it will take away all of your 1-80 level heirlooms and requires you to complete large no. of quests to reach level 85.

The gold you earn for a daily quest in Cataclysm is 3 before you reach level 85. Once you have 85 level character, go to Tol Barad Peninsula, and go the daily quests there. Each quest rewards you 24 gold. That aside, a normal 85 level quest gets you 16 gold. You can do all the math starting from here.

No. of daily quests you can do in Cataclysm are 25. Which is more than enough for one’s capacity to do in a day. I may be wrong about that but hey, you got other things to do also right ?

Anyway, these zones are of importance in Cataclysm, as most of the daily quests are available here.

  • Tol Barad
  • Tol Barad Peninsula
  • Twilight Highlands
  • Deepholm
  • Uldum (only two quests, if you are willing to visit)

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2# Dungeons and Battlegrounds

Doing dungeons and battlegrounds is probably the easiest way to earn tons of experience and gold. You can use the Dungeon Finder to help you find the dungeon that’s appropriate to your level. Finding random dungeons earn you more gold and a random blue item as reward. You can keep on spamming them all day if you want.

– Tools to Pawn!
Atlas Mod
Atlas provides a map for every instance in the game. Furthermore, the maps are marked with the locations of bosses and other points of interest. Atlas also includes maps of battlegrounds, dungeon locations, flight points, and outdoor raid bosses.

Atlas Quests
AtlasQuest is an addon for Atlas or AlphaMap that displays a list of quests for each dungeon along with information and rewards for those quests. Currently all dungeons and battlegrounds are supported along with the majority of their quests.

AtlasLoot Enhanced is a UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever needed within the game. It can access full item tooltips, show drop rates, allow items to be chat linked and to use the dressing room.

3# Professions

Pick a profession, and begin gathering. Herbalism, Mining and Skinning yield the most sought out materials so start with these. Level up your profession fast and start selling your products.

– Herbalism
Herbalism has become even more important with Inscriptions now requiring herbs. It doesn’t get any better that. Harvest those herbs, combine it with alchemy to make powerful potions which are ever important even for the experienced guys out there. Sell them, and earn Gold.

– Mining
Three professions in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm now require ore. Mine like crazy, its profitable.

– Skinning
Opting to choose this profession with leather working skill, you can covert light and ruined leather scraps into light leather. As you level up, you will be able to do
more types of leather transformation.

Acquire the light leather and throw it in the auction house cheap. The idea is to sell for whatever cost in the beginning. A lot of major crafting professions need material that only skinners and leather workers can gather. So you may be ending making good money if someone needs that.

– Tools to Pawn!
Gatherer is an addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters in World of Warcraft. It’s main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on your minimap.

Similar to Gatherer, can be used as an alternative.

It takes time to level up this profession. You may end up spending money to level up this profession but, once you have leveled up, you can earn good money by selling the items you have crafted. Following is the breakdown of mostly sought crafted items.

– Alchemy
Potions, Elixirs, and Flasks. Potion of Treasure Finding is fairly popular along Cauldrons.

– Blacksmithing
Armor, Shields, and rare armor. Obsidian Skeleton Keys sell well.

– Enchanting
Enchantments, the Enchanted Lantern and Magic Lamp Pets.

– Engineering
Guns, Scopes, Personal World Destroyer, and mechanical companion pets.

– Inscription
Relics, Glyphs, Vellum, Scrolls, Origami Beatles, Rocks and Slimes.

– Jewel Crafting
Gems, rings, amulets, and rare head and fist items.

– Leatherworking
Leg armor and Epic Chest armor. Armor Kits, belts and rare armor items.

– Tailoring
Epic chest armor, belts, pants, bags, and spellthreads.

You can also sell good eatables via cooking and fishing.

Word of Wisdom
While gathering is quick to level up crafting takes a lot of time and gold. Players usually take both of them right at the start, for example a low level toon with skinning and leatherworking.

This on a whole will be a huge burden on the player to level up accordingly. Materials for leatherworking would be hard to find unless you’re in a very helpful guild. In addition if you look towards the Auction House for materials then you’ll be a poor penniless character soon enough.

The proper way is to exploit the Auction House from the start. Take two gathering professions and start leveling up. Skinning should always be targeted first because they sell big. Keep selling your herbs and skins all the way up to Cataclysm. Once there you’ll see a huge amount of gold in your bank. I mean 10,000 gold would be cheap for you.

Players can easily get 1000 gold at level 30 if they use the Auction House correctly. Now you’re at your maximum level with tons of gold, what to do? Take a crafting profession which you see fit for your toon.

Blacksmithing for a warrior or Leatherworking for a rogue, you get the point. With that just use your gold to get the materials from the Auction house and start leveling up your crafting.

This method is really easy and worth while. For you have two options when professions are concerned. Either take on crafting from the start and be a level 85 character with no gold but above average items or follow my way and be a level 85 toon with imba gold and epic items.

4# Auctioneer

Buy low and sell high. Simple strategy and it works. Search for the hot stuff, and see what you can sell. Or Pick an item and monitor its prices. Do the math and decide what price to buy or sell. You can earn lot of Gold, if you play smart.

– Tools to Pawn!
Auctioneer Addon
Auctioneer is an addon that allows you to view information about an item that may be useful in helping you determine what it’s worth. Straight out of the box, Auctioneer knows much about many items in the game, and will tell you many things about the item when you move your mouse over the item in the game.

5# Farming

You should only farm a specific item that gets a good price in the Auction House. Even then it depends if its worth the time it will take to farm that item. The elementals are the most sought out. In Cataclysm, the most sought out elementals are those with Volatile prefix. These are used for for crafting epic recipes, bunch of rare items and recipes. Following are the most important crafting ingredients that can sell well.

– Volatile Life
It can be gathered through herbalism. Or looted from wailing weed found in Mount Hyjal. You can only see Wailing Weed before turning in the Quest ‘Seeds of their Demise’.

– Volatile Air
Volatile Air can be mined from Pyrite, Obsidium Deposits, and Elementium Veins. It is also dropped by ‘Enslaved Tempest’, ‘Storm Vortex’ in Twilight Highlands, ‘Scion of Al’Akir’ in Uldum, ‘Howling Riftdweller’ in Mount Hyjal, and ‘Flux Animators’ in Halls of Origination.

– Volatile Earth
It can be mined from Obsidiun Deposits, and Elementium Veins. It is also dropped by ‘Obsidian Stoneslaves’ in Twilight Highlands and The Stonecore. ‘Molten Tormentor’ in the Stonecore, and ‘Scalding Rock Elementals’ in Mount Hyjal.

– Volatile Fire
It can be mined from Pyrite deposits, and Elementium Veins. It is also dropped by mobs in Twilight Highlands. ‘Blazebound Elementals’ in Mount Hyjal, ‘Stonecore Magmalords’ and ‘Fiery Tormentors’ in the Stonecore. ‘Sun-Touched Speakers’ and ‘Spritelings’ in Halls of Origination.

– Volatile Water
It can be mined from Elementium Veins, and collected via fishing in Uldum, Deepholm and Twilight Highlands. It is also dropped by ‘Enslaved Waterspout’ and ‘Muddied Water Elemental’ in Twilight Highlands. ‘Tainted Sentry’ and ‘Faceless Watcher’ in Throne of the Tides.

6# With the recent patch Blizzard has closed all city portals in the major hubs. Easy way to go around is for people to catch a mage unless you are willing to run across the continent. Mages are working over time taking gold for creating portals at this very moment. Some even go as far as asking 50 to 80 gold per portal which is very harsh from their side. If you start leveling a mage now, you can earn a lot of gold just sitting around.

Share your tips, tricks and strategies with us to make Gold in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm ‘The Easy Way’.