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Cataclysm Worgen Leveling Guide 1-10

The home city of the Worgens is named “Gilneas” and this is where you will first enter if you wish to make a Worgen character.

In the beginning you start out playing as a human and have to do a group of quests  until finally you’ll be bitten and transformed into a “Worgen” warrior.  As soon as your game starts you’ll be thrown into the midst of battle within your home city against the  invading army of Worgens. Your first quest chain will begin inside the “Merchant Square”.

Merchant Square
Lockdown! – You are told to find Find Lieutenant Walden in the northwestern end of the Merchant Square to get your battle orders. However, when you do find him, he is dead.

Something’s Amiss – With no Lieutenant Walden to give you your orders you’ll return to Prince Liam in the Merchant’s Square with news of Walden’s death.

All Hell Breaks Loose – Prince Liam gives you three quests. The first is to slay six Rampaging Worgens which won’t be hard to find because they are everywhere.

Evacuate The Merchant Square – The next quests asks you to evacuate four civilian homes. Simply go the area marked on your map and click on the door to the homes.

Salvage The Supplies – You are to salvage four Supply Crates. They are brown boxes lying throughout the Merchant Square. Gather four of them to complete the quest.

Royal Orders – This is the last quest of the chain. You are ordered to go to the southern part of the city which basically is the Military Quarter. You will recieve further orders by Gwen Armstead over there.

Military District
Someone’s Looking For You – You’ll find your class trainer in the Military District. Speak to him for training and some experience.

Safety In Numbers – Speak to King Genn Greymane in the military district.

Old Divisions – Enter the Stoneward Prison and speak with Captain Broderick.

The Prison Rooftop – Next go upstairs to the terrace and speak with Lord Darius.

By The Skin Of His Teeth – You’ll need to hold back the Worgens atop the City Prison for two minutes.

While You’re At It – Find and kill five Bloodfang Worgens. They are running around on the streets and will be easy to find.

Brothers In Arms – Speak to the King in the Military Quarter.

The Rebel Lord’s Arsenal – You are required to find and speak to Josiah Avery inside the Military District. Follow the arrow on your map to arrive at his house. When you’re there look behind to find an entrance to the storm cellar, Joasiah will be hiding there.

From The Shadows – You must kill six Bloodfang Lurkers. For this quest you will be given the use of a mastiff pet. It will be very useful to you, just click on it’s ability and the mastiff will charge the nearest Lurker even if it’s in stealth.

Message To Greymane – Speak with King Genn Greymane inside the Military District.

Save Krennan Aranas – You will be given the King’s horse to go rescue Krennan Aranas. Krennan will be hiding in a tree right in the middle of the battle. Ride the horse under the tree and hit “1” to grab and rescue him.

Time To Regroup – You cannot hold out anymore and so you must fall back to Gremane Court to the west. When you reach there you must speak with King Genn Greymane.

Greymane Court
Sacrifices – Once again you’ll be riding a horse only this time the horse is controlled for you. You just need to throw the flares given to you at the Worgen around you.

Cathedral Quarter
By Blood And Ash – Simply put just get on one of the cannons and start firing. Slay a 100 Bloodfang Stalkers to complete the quest.

Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat – Speak to Lord Darius Crowley inside the Light’s Dawn Cathedral.

Last Stand – Kill ten Frenzied Stalkers inside the cathedral.

Worgen Transformation
Finally comes the good part. You are bitten and finally transform into a Worgen. After this you’ll recieve all the racial abilities.

Aberration – Reduces duration of Curses by 15%.
Darkflight – Increases movement speed by 70% for 10 seconds.
Flayer – Skinning skill increased by 15 and allows you to skin faster.
Viciousness – Increases critical strike chance by 1%.

At this point you’ll finally be outside of the city. There are many quest hubs located all over the Gilneas map. We’ll start with Duskhaven.

Among Humans Again – Speak to Krennan Aranas in Duskhaven.

In Need of Ingredients – You have to find a Crate of Mandrake Essence. Go southwest and you’ll come across a slain watchman. The crate will be right beside him.

Invasion – Speak to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven. Right after you accept the quest, a Forsaken Assassin will spawn behind you and start attacking. Be sure to take him down.

Hold the Line – Find ten Forsaken Invaders to the South of Duskhaven and put them to rest.

You Can’t Take ‘Em Alone – You have to kill four Abominations to complete the quest. Attacking them wont do because they will simply go immune and heal. Throw the Black Gunpowder Kegs you got at them and Prince Liam will do the rest.

Holding Steady – Speak to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven for further instructions.

The Allens’ Storm Cellar – You have to speak with Lord Godfrey inside the storm cellar of the Allen Farmstead. Just go west and follow the road to The Allen Farmstead.

Unleash The Beast – Simply kill eight Forsaken Footsoldiers or Sailors.

Two By Sea – You are required to kill Captain Morris and Captain Anson. First of all you need to board the ship. You have to do this by first killing one of the Forsaken Engineers to the south. After that board the catapult and launch yourself onto the ship by pressing “1”.

Save The Children! – Find Cynthia, Ashley, and James in the Hammond Farmstead. James is outside of the house to the south, Ashley is upstairs of the same house and Cynthia is to the southeast hiding by a shed at the far end of the field.

Leader Of The Pack – Exit the cellar and follow the road south. You’ll come across Thyala riding a warhorse. You’ll need the Mastiff whistle to slay her.

The Rise Of Cataclysm
Congratulations, you’re now the leader of the pack but all is not well. When you emerge from the storm cellar you see a ravaged scenery. Most of the area around you is now underwater including most of duskhaven.

Gilneas City

As The Land Shatters – Speak with Prince Liam Greymane at the Allen Farmstead.

Gasping For Breath – You are immideatly commanded by Prince Liam to rescue four drowning watchmen. You’ll have to find and carry them back to shore one at a time.

Evacuation – Speak to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven for evacuation instructions.

The Crowley Orchard – Evacuate Lorna Crowley at the orchard to the southeast.

Apparitions In The Orchard – There is a blue spectral wolf in the middle of the trees to the east. Speak with it to complete with quest.

The Hungry Ettin – Jump on one horse to ride it. Next press “1” to lasso other horses. Bring in give horses this way.

The Hayward Brothers – Head south out of town, past the orchard and the Wahl house. Inform them of the evacuation orders. Note that they are being attacked by Forsaken Castaways.

Not Quite Shipshape – Sebastian Hayward wants you to obtain Planks of Wood, Coal Tar, and Shipwrights Tools. The tar is north of the house between the two sheds, the tools are inside the house in the back, and the planks of wood are west of the house under the southern shed.

Washed Up – Quickly kill six Forsaken Castaways in the area by the fishery.

Grandma Wahl – Head to the Wahl Cottage to evacuate Grandma Wahl.

Grandma’s Lost It Alright – Grandma wants you to find the Linen-Wrapped BookIt’s outside by the garden to the southeast.

I Can’t Wear This – You must get her good clothes. Step outside, take two rights, kill the scout, loot the clothes.

Grandma’s Cat – Finally you must find her cat. You can find the cat on a rock northeast of her cottage. Note that you’ll be attacked by a Forsaken when you pick the cat up.

Escape By Sea – Return to Gwen Armstead in Duskhaven.

To Greymane Manor – Speak to Queen Mia Greymane inside Greymane Manor. When you accept the quest you’ll be put on a mount that takes you on a one way trip up to the manor.

Greymane Manor
The King’s Observatory – You must speak to King Genn Greymane in the observatory inside Greymane Manor. Just keep running up the stairs that are behind the queen to the northwest.

Exodus – Head back down to the front of the manor and hop on a carriage.

Hailwood Marsh
Stranded At The Marsh – You have to resuce five Crash Survivors at the Hailwood Marsh. The survivors are locked in combat with Swamp Crocolisks. You just have to kill the crocolisk to save the survivor.

Introductions Are in Order – Run up the hill behind the carriage killing ogres along the way, you just have to kill four for the quest. At the top you’ll see Koroth’s banner. Pick the banner up and start running for you cannot kill him at this point.

Stormglen – Head on down to Stormglen Village and speak with Gwen Armstead there, she’s in the inn on the west side of town.

Stormglen Village
Pest Control – In the center of town you’ll come across Vilebrood Skitterers. Kill six of them for the quest.

Pieces Of The Past – Simply find and pick up six Old Journal Pages from the ground in the center of Stormglen Village.

Queen-Sized Troubles – Northeast of the village, you’ll come across the spider Rygna in her lair. Don’t fret for she is an easy creep.

The Blackwald – Head to the Lumber Mill north of Stormglen.

Losing Your Tail – Go back north toward Rygna’s lair. In the middle you’ll see a Freezing Trap. Walk over it to get trapped in ice. This will make the Dark Scout show himself. Release yourself using the talisman given to you and kill him. Walk down the path north of Belrysa until you get trapped in ice. When you do, use the Talisman you were given to free yourself and then kill the Dark Scout.

Congratulations, you’re now level 10.