Tron Evolution Walkthrough Guide

TRON Evolution is an upcoming action-adventure tie-in video game for the film Tron: Legacy developed by Propaganda Games, to be published by Disney Interactive.

It’s a third person action game with racing and roleplaying elements incorporated. The game features both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. If you are to start with singleplayer story, refer to the walkthrough guide below for help in finishing the game.

Tron Evolution Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1: Reboot
Your first step is to meet TRON in the elevator. Follow the blue lights as you are taught techniques that will be helpful to you throughout the game. Next, head to the installation ceremony. You will face some resistance along your way. You can use your learned skills to take care of enemies.

You will be attacked by Abraxis. Use the on screen instruction to knock it off. Take care of the remnants and go to the disk station for the upgrade. Then use your NAV ability to find the path. Follow the path and you will encounter more enemies, you need to take care of.

Next you need to clear a broken ETC to get through. In order to that, you need to activate the energy spot at the center. Two more corrupted energy points in the next room. Now it’s time for some battle. Deal with the enemy soldiers. Don’t be too reckless as you don’t want to waste too much Power. You will find a Mag Disc which can be used to find Quorrn.

More enemies to deal with. Use disc grapples and the jumps to make your way out of the room. Head to the disc station. Make your way to the control room so that you can now control the sentries by using power slams. Take care of the heavy sentries to meet with Quorra. Hows your driving? It better be good as it’s going to be tested now.

Chapter 2: Shutdown
At the initial stages, you will face some enemies. Deal with them and head to the wall to your right. Head further and use the grapple to reach the disc station. Now you need to activate the bridge to the farther door. You can do this by hitting some red switches in the rooms there.

Head to the next area and now you will confront a tank. You need to dodge its attacks by your random movements. Use the grapple across the Chasm when the structure is about to collapse. Head to the next station where you can take out the tank. Once you have dealt with the tank, activate the energy points.

Use these energy points when needed in the next area. Don’t forget to shoot the foot soldiers. You don’t need to rush in the tank. Most of them will be easy pickings. After you have dealt with all the enemy resistance, you need to enter a control room up ahead and hit some red switches. Head through the opened pathway, and next awaits a grenade variant for you. You can use your favorite moves but disk attack are effective here.

Chapter 3: Arija
Head to the control room. You need to climb and grapple around to reach the doors. Once you have entered Arjia, go to the big mag point. Cross the bridge and ultimately you will reach a building where you need to find the bad guys. Deal with them using your high flying moves.

More enemies up ahead. After you are done with them, head further through the bay doors. Some more grappling and climbing up to do. After crossing the barriers, you will face more enemies. Next awaits a real good competitor for you. You can use discs but they won’t cause much damage so use bombs here to get rid of him.

Always remember that your agility is the key in any battle. Once you are done with this soldier, you can go further through the gate.

Another battle awaits. You won’t find it that difficult. Next you need to make your way to the theater. Activate the energy points and after that go to the top of the platform in the center. Deal with the enemies appearing in the perimeter. Some more switches to activate. A door will open. Head to the next area through it.

Next is the cooling tower. You will face enemy resistance there which can be dealt easily. Next, you are going to ride another tank. Shoot each of the enemy ships quickly so that they cannot create any fuss.

Chapter 4: The Combatant
You are going to drive in the beginning. Here you need to be careful as neither can you slow the vehicle nor speed it up to the limit causing your health reach the critical level. Speed it up for the jumps. At the grid ahead, more enemies await. After dealing with the enemies, you need to hit some switches in the area.

Next, you need to find your objective. You will have to pass through some areas and face enemy resistance in each area. So battle your way through to the final destination.

Chapter 5: Identification, Friend or Foe
Go inside the building, and after some distance, you will face the first infected. Us the disks to get rid of him. Your next ordeal is in a room after you hit the next switch. Clear all the infected and then use the bomb disc on the blue panel.

Next, you need to jump through the vanishing rocks. Time your jumps so that you may not fall. More infected on the next platform. In the next room, you need to hit some switches. You will also face some enemy resistance in there before the door is opened. You need to be quick as you cross the bridge because it will vanish after a limited time. Avoid Abraxas and head to the reactor room. Quickly activate the three energy points. Two of them are on the ground while the third one is on the pillars.

Now it’s time that you test your new discs. Use them to kill the variants that will appear after you activate all three energy points. More driving to do next. Same precautions should be taken. Next you need to take care of a “Boss” named Gibson.

You need to keep a safe distance and avoid his attacks. You should attack when he turns green. You also need to destroy the panels along the way.

Use your agility to your advantage and once you have defeated him, head to the next portion where you need to activate some switches and more enemies to kill.

Kill the soldiers surrounding the vehicle and then hop onto it. This ride should be speedy and is going to be bumpy. Drive as fast as you can to the end.

Chapter 6: The Approach
In the room take cover as quickly as possible so that you can avoid the tanks. Now you can hop onto the tanks and destroy them. Next you will face some resistance as you move along the streets.

After reaching the base, more switches to hit. More waves of enemies that will attack you in the next area. You need to stick to the basics to take them out. Next you will face an Abraxas.

Wait for his ground attack and then you can attack with the stasis discs for maximum damage. Once he transforms, he will get tougher. You need to deal with the second form wisely.

Lure him to the blues spots on the floor so that debris falls on him. Debris will take some time to fall. So you need to hold him there till the fall.

Chapter 7: End of Line
You will face the first resistance in two shielded soldiers. Kill them to see the support. Use the ramp and jump to the boat passing by. A bridge will form on the other side once you have taken care of the enemies on the ship. Upgrade time at the grid station.

Next, more enemy resistance awaits. Kill them all in the control center and then cross the bridge up ahead. More enemies? yes there are as you are approaching the final stages of the game.

Activate some energy points. Use the elevator and then the conveyor belts below to reach the platform with enemies. Next, cross the corridor by moving along the walls.

You need to time your run here as you don’t want to hit by the steam bursts. More enemies in the room with bombs to deal with. Here you need to activate 2 energy points then destroy the crate with the help of a disc and get inside the crater.

Riding time. Principle is the same that you need to time your jumps properly. After getting into the opening, you will be attacked by grenade variants. Your agility is your friend here so you need to change your position accordingly.

Use bomb disks to take them out one by one. Don’t relax yet as there are more to come. This time, you want to use stasis disks on them. Last but not the least are the sword soldiers. Kill them and be ready to face the final boss.

Final Battle (The Abraxas)
You need to time your bomb disk when he attaches himself with the power source. Activate the energy points along the way. Once he makes a bond with the central pillar, use a bomb disc to rap up the game.

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