Blizzard Product Road Map – Diablo III in 2011

What seems to be an amazing story for the gaming community is a death blow to Blizzard. The gaming world was taken away this weekend when news of leaked confidential files from Blizzard on to the Internet.

The data was more than just a few minor previews, they contained Blizzard’s core internal information like their global subscriber database, their product roadmap for upcoming games, all their financial revenue records, information relating to TV media marketing budgets.

It is believed by Blizzard that the leak originated from China. Ye Weilun, the General Manager of Blizzard in China was fired soon after with no reason provided. It wasn’t that hard to guess that Blizzard was sure he did a bad job.

Blizzard Product Road Map - Leaked

The leaked roadmap of Blizzard’s upcoming games had some candy information for the fans. 2011 will see to the release of the next StarCraft 2 game titled StarCraft 2: Phoenix and the highly anticipated Diablo III. In addition the next expansion to Word of Warcraft will take place in 2012 after the Cataclysm project.

The same year of 2012 will also see to the “World Of Warcraft” Movie. An unknown project named, “Titan” is scheduled for a release in 2013. Anyone who can guess what it is?