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Playstation Phone ‘Zeus Z1’ Leaked Video

We have been hearing all sorts of rumors of Playstation Phone currently in development. From leaked images of the developer kit, to the hints and comments by both Sony and Sony Ericsson. But today this video posted on Engadget, just nailed all the speculations by actually showing the device code named Zeus Z1 in action.

The video shows us few its features, having a PSP Go like slider producing a panel bearing a D-Pad and four Playstation buttons. Between these is a touchpad with two buttons, which appear to approximate Dualthumsticks. Thick device with two buttons on the edge of it, and a camera.

Touch screen menu and operating system happens to be Google Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’. It means you will have access to all the android applications. Sadly, the video doesn’t show any game being played, nor does it indicate which games will be available for the device.

Looks promising to me, watch the video yourself and decide.

Source. Engadget via GameSpot