Now You Can Play World of Warcraft on Your Android Phone

We have already seen Crysis Running on Omnia, and Quake III running on iPad. It seems like guys at gamestring have discovered a way to play popular massively multiplayer online game, World of Warcraft on Android powered HTC Desire. The game was played over a Wi-Fi network, with a computer that was running World of Warcraft 80km away. 3G network would be your best shot in this case. You can watch the demo video below.

That’s pretty good for an achievement but, I wonder if that’s practical. As World of Warcraft is not a just another MMO but ‘THE MMO’ with players across the continents.

Connecting to the official servers would be too much too ask using an Android powered smart phone on WiFi network. That said, what about controls ? I wonder if mobile keys would be enough to cast all the spells, and combos in World of Warcraft.

Even with all these downsides, I am willing to give it a try once they release something solid. What’s your say about it, would you like WoW on Smartphone ?