Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Maps Strategy Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer features 14 maps and around 11 game modes. You can refer to the guide below for the tips, tactics and secrets to pawn in every one of these.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Maps Strategy Guide

‘Array’ Map Guide

It’s a large snowy map. Since the map is not small, you can stick to the basic strategy for large maps. You can snipe or assault from distance. The map’s hot spot is the central area near the communication tower. You can can directly enter the battlefield or you can flank your enemy from wings. Buildings along the way can provide good cover for camping.

Overhead View
Array Overhead View

You can adopt various strategies in this map. The more common strategy will be to take an assault rifle and shoot from distance. In search and destroy, beware of the flanking paths from the wings of the map. Both the bombing spots are near the central communication station.

If you are playing domination (Capture the flag), you can cover the flag in the base with sniper support. Flag that is almost at the same distance from both the spawns will be crucial as it is difficult to capture.

Again, best you can do is choose an assault rifle with red dot sight and go with your favorite perks. If you prefer sniping here, than you should use jammer so that you don’t get spotted easily.

For rushers, they can adopt 2 strategies; either they can use jammer and flank enemies or use steady aim with sleight of hand. Perks choice depends on your game style.

‘Cracked’ Map Guide

It’s an urban themed map where you can enjoy SMG or Shotgun as it’s a small map. There are buildings and the main street connects the two spawns.

All the buildings in the map can be used for cover. You can use the windows for better view form above. There are multiple routes through which you can switch between the buildings. So use the one that is quick with less exposure to the enemy.

There is a 3 story broken building with multiple entries. This building will usually be crowded with enemies so you can have some kills in there. You can use the balconies of the building to camp and stop the rushers along the street or those trying to flank you.

Overhead View
Cracked Overhead View

Grid View
Cracked Grid View

Since there are many buildings in the map, you should be cautious as you can be shot from any corner of window of any building. Running on the street madly can cause you trouble.

If there are more players (more than 10) then it is better that you wait for your enemy to come to you. The map is good for TDM and Free for all game types while Search and Destroy won’t give much joy as there are hell of camping spots.

Use Flash bangs before you enter any building so that you can avoid any ambush inside.

SMG’s are best suited in this map. Sleight of  hand with SMG can prove useful. Steady aim is also a good option here. Perks like “Ninja” aren’t going to benefit you much specially in FFA and TDM.

Assault rifles aren’t going to benefit you much unless you are quite a persistent and patient soul. For camping, you can use claymores to cover your back and then use any LMG through windows of any building.

‘Crisis’ Map Guide

This map is large enough for sniping and assault. There are few buildings, many rocks, missile silos and a tunnel in the central area of the map.

Just as you expect from a Cuban terrain. You have several spots to hide. The beach side is exposed so avoiding it can save you from harm.

You can use rocks and buildings for cover. The tower at the far side of the map can be a good spot for sniping. This map has many areas to explore and you can choose various paths to get to the enemy.

Overhead View
Crisis Overhead View

Grid View
Crisis Grid View

All modes can be played well in this map. The underground tunnel in the center can be used to reach the other parts of the map. You can’t just stroll through the tunnel as it is not a secret or a hidden path that is going to be used rarely.

Players will use it frequently so you better be steady in this area. You can reach the upper levels and then use the rocks as cover. The building at the southern area of the map can be used to cover most of the southern portion of the map.

You need to be sharp in this building as there are multiple ways to enter it.

You can either go for SMG or Assault in this map. To me, assault rifles will have an edge due to many hiding spots in this map. Choose the perks you desire and Ak can do the trick for you. Snipers will just be fine until SMG’s crowd the map.

‘Firing Range’ Map Guide

It’s a small map and looks like military training grounds as you can see the stationary board targets at various places. This map features some buildings and narrow pathways.

Despite of the fact that the map is small, there are various tactical spots which snipers and assaulters can use for their benefit. Base buildings can be used by the snipers.

C2 area is a hot spot in TDM and FFA modes. There are different routes into the buildings. Staying at one place for long time is not a good idea in this map as your enemy can get to you in no time.

Each mode will have different strategy here. In Search and Destroy where you need to be extra cautious, stay put and use the equipment like smoke and flash grenades to distract your enemy.

In Domination and Headquarters, you can loose the objective in no time. So make sure that you have guarded each corner which obviously will require teamwork. You can cause a lot of damage in this map if you are able to get your hands on “Chopper Gunner”.

Small map but still I don’t think SMG will be useful here. You can use AK-47 with Hardened perk to kill people from the buildings. Marathon perk can also be useful here.

Snipers are exposed in this map. SMG can easily take out the sniper. So avoid sniping unless you are very good at scopeless.

‘Grid’ Map Guide

In Grid, battle mostly revolves around the center. Here the two buildings parallel in the map are of great importance.It has an Arctic Urban base terrain. A building to the North side of the tunnels has RC- XD tunnels.

There is an extra tunnel that connects C3 and D4 of the map. It’s a small map and with the random spawn system in the game, it can get real chaotic depending upon the number of players in each team.

Overhead View
Grid Overhead View

Grid View
Grid Map Grid View

You can use the buildings for the cover but either you need to be sharp or have someone watch your back as enemies will keep crawling from all sides.

It is never a good idea to stay at one position in small maps. So you need to keep changing your position continuously. Claymores can be used to cover your flanks.

In Search and Destroy, if you choose B to plant then you better hurry as there are chances that the other side can reach the target before you.

In domination and Headquarters, make sure that you defend the targets in your area well. As longer you defend them, harder it will be for the enemy to get the lead as these targets in small maps keep in shifting rapidly.

In TDM and FFA, you either camp at certain positions or just choose the aggressive style which I think is not a good idea in this map unless you are very good with reflexes and aim.

Sleight of hand is a pretty useful perk in this map. You can use Steady aim if you haven’t unlocked accurate weapons specially the SMG’s yet. You can choose assault but SMG is better suited in this map. You can also use LMG’s to create a havoc in the enemy ranks if you figure out the spawn pattern and tactical locations or traffic locations.

‘Hanoi’ Map Guide

It’s an average length map with 2 courtyards with some buildings in the perimeter. The execution room (C4) can be used to overlook the bombing site.

Map’s peripheral areas can be used to flank the enemies. There are sufficient building for cover along the way. The central (C2) 2 level building that provides good multiple map locations.

Overhead View
Hanoi Overhead View

Grid View
Hanoi Grid View

You can Run-and-Gun in this map as map’s wings are good routes to flank. Some buildings have limited or no access so don’t be overwhelmed by their presence.

Firefight won’t have a central point for most of the time so choose the locations that suite you the most. In Domination, head for the B flag first and then if you can sneak to their base, you can cause disturbance in the ranks.

In Search and Destroy, B site is easy to defend while if you are at the planting side, you probably will prefer A as your target. Chopper gunner will cause a lot of damage as there are several open spots in the map.

This Map is large enough for tactical assault. Red dot sight will help the cause. Not ideal for snipers but SMG’s can cause trouble depending upon the routes they choose to the enemy base. Perks of your choice. If you like dogs, they can bite sufficient foes for you in this map.

‘Havana’ Map Guide

It’s a medium length map. There is a central street connecting the 2 bases. Building along both sides of the street are good places for cover. Two of them are similar to each other. There are multiple openings to the hotel building.

You can use this building tactically. You can use the rear alleys for flanking and use it to get to north/south away from the central firefight.

Stay away from the street as much as you can. There are many tactical positions in building along the street. You need to be careful of the snipers and the SMG’s as they can stab you quickly through the buildings.

Claymores can be used to cover your back. You smoke the central street to shift to the other side of the street. Yes, there are structures like cars on street, but you can easily be spotted there.

Safe strategy on this map will be to stay at the base and use the long range weapons to pick enemies from distance. The east side of the map is relatively straightforward while the other side has more buildings.

If you want to rush, east side may suite you and if you want to go cautiously then the west flank can be helpful.

Sniping is fun here. Get a sniper rifle and use the buildings as cover for some straight kills. You can opt for Shotgun and look for some short range kills in rooms.

Long range weapons can be used effectively if you know some tactical spots. SMGs can have a feast if they are able to infiltrate enemy base without being spotted.

‘Jungle’ Map Guide

Don’t worry, there are no wild beasts in this Jungle. There are lot of good spots where you can camp. A typical wild terrain with satisfying tactical orientation. Overall the map is pretty much balanced.

Overhead View
Jungle Overhead View

Grid View
Jungle Grid View

If you want to live long, the lower central river is not a place you want to stay more. The ruins area will provide you sufficient cover and you will find more men in there.

The sniping place (C3) is good spot to camp but it’s a pretty common place where you can be spotted easily. The small bunker (B4) can be a good position to get some kills but the longer you stay more will you be in trouble.

Don’t head to the fields as there are bombed mines there. There are a lot of routes you can adopt to reach the opposite side, so S&D can be an interesting mode here.

If sniping is not your class then take a long range weapon and use the elevated spots as tactical position. You can use the suppressor so that you may not be spotted quickly.

‘Launch’ Map Guide

The map is a large Soviet Missile site. Site’s central area is the hot zone. There are several alternate routes to this area. Usually there is mid-range to long-range shooting in this map.

Overhead View
Launch Overhead View

Grid View
Launch Grid View

There are multiple routes leading to the center from both the wings (east and west). Mix them to diversify your attack. There will be a lot of fight around the launch site.

It can be accessed from west, south and even from above. Map’s central area is not a good place to be. You can either exchange wings through the center or you can head to the launch site to confront more enemies.

Make sure that you are not around the missile launch site at the end of the round as it actually launches off at the end.

SMG’s are not recommended here. You can use the Marathon perk for larger sprints. Assault weapons will have primary importance. An average map for snipers.

‘Nuke Town’ Map Guide

It’s a small map with few covering spots. You can expect intense short-range to medium-range shooting here. Map’s center is the most crowded place throughout.

Overhead View
Nuketown Overhead View

Grid View
Nuketown Grid View

Since it’s a small map, you can use the grenades efficiently to have multiple kills. You need to keep moving as there will be lots of grenades coming your way.

Camping at one spot is not a good idea in this map. LMG’s in particular can cause a lot of damage as you can pick many in straight line. You can use the RC-XD to get out of the map. You will find targets everywhere and you can expect a total chaos.

SMG’s and LMG’s are recommended in this map. Make sure that you use your grenades efficiently here to get more kills. Hardened perk can be a useful perk in this map.

‘Radiation’ Map Guide

It’s a medium size map where you can expect medium to long range shooting for the most part. Most part of the map is open but there are some building and structures you can use for cover.

Overhead View
Radiation Overhead View

Grid View
Radiation Grid View

You can use the central access hatch to get to the tunnel. The structure at C2 provides a good view to the center of the map. The structure to the southwest of the map (C3) is a high traffic area.

There are various routes you can use to switch sides. You can hop over the walls to get to the other side. RC-XD tunnels run along both (east and west) flanks of the map. Mix up your routes so that you can have maximum confrontation and hence more kills.

You can either go for assault or SMG. Snipers need to stay sharp as they won’t have much kills from one spot. Use warlord perk to have dual mag with red dot sight. Sleight of hand with SMG can be helpful.

‘Summit’ Map Guide

Another snowy map of medium length. There are couple of good camping spots in this map that you can use to camp. Most of the battle occurs at the central area of the map.

Overhead View
Summit Overhead View

Grid View
Summit Grid View

There are couple of useful spots you can use for tactical cover and people usually don’t get to spot you easily. In central room (C3), jump over the computers and you can get to the platform above.

Here you can look for the bombing site or the flag or you can have some easy pickings. You can also smash the windows and get to the radio tower and for more kills.

Then there is a chair lift you can use to take out enemies approaching from the path. Most of the battle occurs in the central area of the map and you will mostly have short to long range battle in this map.

You can use LMG specially from the radio tower to get some easy kills. You can’t reach the radio tower with LMG so first get an SMG and after getting to the tower, use the tactical insertion and kill yourself. Get the LMG and you will spawn on the radio tower.

Any class will do in this map. LMGs can cause a lot of damage if you get to descent spots. SMG and Assault will do equally good. Warlord perk with LMG is recommended though.

‘Villa’ Map Guide

It’s a medium length map with some open streets, yards and few buildings. Most of the battle is medium to long range.

The swimming pool area and the large fountain courtyard are the two locations where you can expect most of the conflict. The building (B4) provides a nice over watch to various locations of the map.

Be careful of the area where roads are intersecting each other as you will have a lot of traffic passing through this region. There are multiple passages you can adopt to plan your rush.
SMG should stay around the buildings for most part as streets are too exposed and they can be fragged easily by long range weapons.

Long range weapons are recommended. SMG’s will have limited role. You can choose perks which suite you the most.

‘WMD’ Map Guide

It’s a fairly large map with many open spots and buildings throughout the map. You can expect mid to long range shooting for the most part.

Overhead View
WMD Overhead View

Grid View
WMD Grid View

It’s a pretty diverse map. There is a lot to explore in this map. You can use various perches and jump from one rooftop to another. The sniping tower to the North of the map is a good but obvious place for sniping.

There is another sniping building (D3) which offers a better view. There is a building (C3) with many buildings and widows. You can use this building for cover. But since there are different entrances, you can expect company from any side.

Explore various spots and jumps and use them to devise your plan and routes. Using a silent setup in this map can prove useful.

Assault rifles (Ak47) can be useful in this map. SMG’s have limited role. Use Bullet penetration to get rid of the campers.

Share your tips with us. Good or bad, keep them coming.