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Black Ops Zombies “Five” Strategy Guide

You will unlock “Five” Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie map once you have completed story. Its the pentagon level, where you play as one of the four famous presidents ‘Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Robert Mcnamara, and Fidel Castro’ in the history of mankind.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops The Five Map Guide

“The Five” map is a bit complex compared to Kino Der Toten. You will be running across three floors, the top floor, ground floor and the basement – bottom floor.

Leaked Image Call of Duty Zombie Map "Five"

How to Turn on the Power
As we have discussed previously in our Kino Der Toten Strategy Guide, you need to turn on the power to be able to use Perk Machine, Teleporter, Mystery Box, Traps and specific to this map “The Def Con”.

Power switch in “Five” map is located in the basement. Make your way to the elevator on first floor and then to the elevator in ground floor. You will need to spend like 1750 to clear the blockade, and 250 to use elevator on the first floor and then 2000 to clear the debris in war room and 250 to use elevator, and finally reach basement.

You will have enough points going into round five to activate the power switch. ‘Read our General Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Guide for tips’.

Once the power has been activated, you can use perk machines, traps, teleporters, and activate Def Con level in the war room on ground floor.

Now that you have activated the power switch, you can use teleporters covering each corner of the map to move back and forth. Though, be warned! Zombies can follow you through the teleporters. You can’t just spam elevators – teleporters, and only use them after a brief cool down period. So, make sure you use them when there aren’t many zombies following you, or you will end up dead meat.

Teleporter in the basement ‘four corner one’ teleports you to another teleporter pad on the same level. If you use the middle teleporter in the basement, it will teleport you to either ground floor or top floor.

How to Unlock Pack a Punch Machine
Now in order to unlock Pack a Punch machine, you need to get the Def Con level to 5. Activate all the switches in the ground floor war room to get to Def Con level 5 and make your way to the top floor where Pack a Punch machine is. Once you have activated all the switches, all teleporters will lead to Pack a Punch machine ‘Top Floor’.

You can either go right way or hit Def Con 5, and keep the portal open as a means of escape. Alternatively, you have around 1min before the countdown automatically gets Def Con level to 1. Area will now open up with blood thirsty zombies coming your way.

The Pentagon Thief
This guy steals your weapons, and randomly appears in one or two rounds – very annoying. It gets difficult in the later stages, so your best shot is getting this guy in early phase of the game. You would need to accumulate lot of points so that you can open the area and activate the tech round.

Anyway, what you need to kill this guy; good aim, fully loaded weapons, grenades or claymores.

Note. More Damage, more slower he gets.

You can set up claymores, and get your team lined up and shooting him. Don’t give up till you are last standing, he may grab weapons of few of your team mates, and try to get yours.

You need to be patient, when he comes for you and if you are out of bullets, switch to the secondary weapon, preferably an assault weapon. (MPL + M16). You can switch to your secondary weapon as a last resort so that he steals your secondary weapon, not primary.

If he has taken your weapon, he will start moving in the basement, from teleporter to teleporter. Chase and kill him, and you will be rewarded with Fire Sale ‘Every mystery box weapon cost is reduced to 10’. If you kill him before he grabs any of your weapons, you will be rewarded with Bonfire Sale ‘Pack a Punch cost is reduced to 1000’ and Mystery Box weapon cost is reduced to 10, like in case of Fire Sale and it also opens a portal.

Glass Windows
Five features glass windows as the barricades. You can break the windows with melee and rebuild to earn points but it does count towards your building cap.

Mystery Box
Mystery box randomly spawns at different locations in the map, but it more frequently spawns on the top and basement. Frequently peak through the glass windows inside grenade room, claymore room, and Bowie knife room for Mystery Box.

Black Ops Zombies “Five” Solo Strategy

If you are to survive solo, kill the pentagon tech as early as possible. You can do it as early as 5th round, but wait till you have enough ammunition to kill him. He will spawn with minimum hit points during the initial phase of the game so your best shot is to kill him in early rounds.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies “Five” Round 1 – 5
Accumulate points, knife zombies, headshots, and another good strategy is to get them walk past the barricade and kill them inside. They will drop off power ups only if you kill them inside. So, you may get lucky and get double points power up.

Shoot the zombie six times and then melee for maximum points. During this phase of the game, your strategy should be to accumulate points as much as you can. Avoid insta kill as it would reduce the points you get for killing zombies. Around round 3, you will be forced to open the first of doors, buy MPL now, and take the headshots.

You can take three shots on zombie torso and then melee them for maximum points. Accumulate around 7-8k points, and head downstairs. Clear the blockade. Use the two elevators to open the door to claymores, or open the door to Mystery Box, and buy M16. If you enter the room, and Mystery Box isn’t inside.

Go outside and peak inside rooms through glass windows to figure out its location. Defend yourself with your back at the elevator door; keep the barricades on the windows to your left, and right. Keep the elevator as an emergency exit ticket.

Now, you need to open the Tech Round, you need 30 points to open it. So, probably spend the remaining on ammunition, and claymores. Don’t wait too long, or the pentagon tech would become too powerful to kill solo. You should be done with him by round 6.

How to Kill Pentagon Tech
Once you activate the pentagon tech round, the facility’s light goes blue. Plant Claymores on elevator entrance. If you didn’t have enough points to buy Claymores; use your machine gun and grenades to kill the tech before he runs away.

If he gets close to you to steal your weapon; switch to your pistol so that he steals that. If he gets your primary weapon, you will have to chase him down through the elevators, he randomly uses.

Killing Pentagon tech rewards you Fire Sale; every weapon in Mystery Box can be purchased for 10 points; you get to use it thrice so hurry. If you kill him before he steals your weapon, you get rewarded with Bonfire Sale.

Round 6 Onwards
Simply put, it gets extremely difficult playing solo after round 5 ends. If you get a good weapon which in entirely luck, conserve ammo, and keep running. You can watch the video guide below for more insight.

2# Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies “Five” Solo Strategy

Black Ops Zombies “Five” Team Strategy

Hold in office level as long as you can. Buy M14 or MPL off the wall.
Save 7-8k points each, before you move on to unlock everything and get to the Lab, top floor.

Turn on the power, and try to get Winter’s Howl, a special weapon used to freeze zombies only available in Five. Leave one person behind before you go to the Lab, that person should teleport to the defcon room, and activate all the defcon switches before taking the elevator down to the lab.

Once the defcon is activated, forget about teleporters. Camp at the elevator down the hall; that way you only need to cover your front, and behind is teleporter as an emergency exit in case you get overwhelmed.

Hold it here as long as you can. If you get overwhelmed, take the teleporter to get to Pack a Punch machine. Once you are inside, two people should defend the windows, and two defend the doors. Winter Howl here would be very helpful as zombies will come in numbers once you have opened this room, and it can clear them easily.

If you don’t get Winter Howl, spam grenades. If you get overwhelmed here, run to the teleporter at the back of the room and survive on the run. You would be running a lot after round 10.

If you get teleported to the lab, teleport back to where you started the round and clear the zombies until you make it to the next teleporter.

If you get teleported to the defcon level, make your way to the lab, and then back to where you started the round, and again hold there as long as you can.

If two of your team mates get teleported to the defcon level, you can either run to the elevator, or hold it there as long as you can. Or you can remove the debris and hold it there.

If they overwhelm you there, you can remove the debris and run around the stairs and you will come across a debris blocking the door underneath the stairs, open it and continue with the same strategy.

Basically you need to keep moving through the teleporters wherever and whenever you get overwhelmed. It all depends on your playstyle and coordination. You can survive longer if you communicate effectively.

Camp Strategy
You need to 2 to 4 people for this to work. After third round, open the door to the elevator but don’t go elevator. Buy the gun off the wall in the elevator room and camp in the elevator room till round 8.

Leave one zombie preferably crawling at the end of the round 8 and open everything. Get a gun from the Mystery Box and buy Juggernog. At around round 10, activate the pack a punch machine and put your best gun in to upgrade. Once you have upgraded your gun, camp in this room.

General Tips
1# Run Run Run! and keep Running.
2# Group zombies into clusters, and blast them.
3# Teleporter is your Back Up plan, that is, if you get out of ammo. Which you would for most of the times. Too many zombies.
4# You can run away easily being solo, so be quick, and don’t get caught in the cluster of zombies or you are done.

Revive the Teammate
In case someone goes down you have three options.
1# (Requires upgraded ballistic knives) If the person with the knives is alive he will pull them out while the other teammate covers, preferably with ray gun. Shoot your downed teammate with the knife which will instantly revive him.

2# Pull out your gun and cover the guy who is to revive the downed teammate.

3# Throw a monkey, man covering window can do this but don’t leave to revive unless you are only one alive. If something goes wrong or you just get overwhelmed as a last resort you can open the door and run.

Tell us how far you have gone in “Five” and share the strategy you used to reach that level.