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Gran Turismo 5 Tips and Strategy Guide

Gran Turismo 5 is unlike other racing games in which you do hard breaking and drive roughly through the corners and still come out as winner. Its a driving simulation, so you need to take it as the real world racing only, with you in control. With damage system (both mechanical and physical) introduced, your driving skills should match basic standards.

You can Follow these tips and strategies to drive car safely with better speed. Few things you should take notice of before jumping into Gran Turismo 5.

Stick to Racing line
Yeah I know it’s not F1 but still if you stick to racing line, you can steer better through the turns and you can break well. If you are away from the racing line, you may have to break harder which then costs time.

Braking is crucial as the turns make the difference, straights are easy. Your over all performance is highly dependent on how you steer through corners.

Both under steer and over steer can be avoided with a little care. It’s not recommended that you break while you are turning. Always break before you start turning your car over a corner.

Sometimes through the turns that are relatively straight, you don’t need to break  as you can get through them by just lifting the accelerator button/paddle for a short time. But for harder turns, you will have to break first or you can easily see your car off the racing track.

Effective Cornering
It’s important that use the apex of the turn efficiently. This thing is hard to perfect as small error can make your car off the track. If you have been playing F1 recently then you will learn it quickly.

Acceleration and breaking simultaneously can render you trouble. So break first and then steer your car as hard as you can. Just at the end of the turn, hit the accelerator quickly and get to the racing line.

For consecutive turns, you need to use the corners well and time your acceleration in between the two turns. If you successfully manage to hit the apex successfully and then getting to the racing line, there will be minimal time loss and your car will be in max speed for the upcoming straight.

How to Select a Car
You should know basics about the cars so that you can select the one that suits your style. Cars that have their body close to the racing surface have more grip at high speed while they usually are difficult to turn at tight corners.

While on the other hand, cars with less width and more height have more drifting ability across the corners. So you should choose the car accordingly as acceleration and top speed can’t solely win races for you.

You need a perfect car all around for better performance. On the tracks with more turns, cars with batter handling can prove useful while for the straight circuits, you can go for high speed and acceleration.

Overtaking is an art rather than mere aggression. You wait for the right opportunity and then take your opponent by surprise. Usually, many overtakes are done just before entering a turn or leaving the turn.

Now if you are too close behind a car, you need to break late and then take either inside or outside of the the one ahead you. You will have to leave the racing line for a short period till the overtake is complete.

Don’t be rushy here as you can easily get off the track or crash into the opponent’s car. Safety is important as more the damage, more is the instability.

How to Defend your Position
If you are leading the pack and you need to defend your position, then act wisely. If you are sticking to the racing line then the cars behind you will have least chances to overtake you.

You can close the door before turning so that they can’t get inside you. But again, if your car is not competitive enough or you are making mistakes, you won’t be able to hold them for long. Though, you can tune your car to increase its performance.

These basics tips and strategies will improve your overall game experience. I hope they have helped you, and also don’t forget to share with us, your own tips tricks and strategies you use while driving the car in Gran Turismo 5.