Razer Ironclad Review

Razer has recently brought out a lot of new mouse pads. They are categorized between soft, hard and dual sided. We’ll be taking a look at Razer’s Ironclad which falls under the hard category.
Hard mouse pads are not unique and there’s nothing new about it. There are a vast number of similar products available in the market by different brands. Most of them are made from plastic, what differentiates the Ironclad from them is that it gives a hard metallic feel to it. So if you’re a fan of the hard mouse pads but tired of its plastic feel then why not give the Ironclad a try?


  • Ultra-Smooth Sandblasted Speed Surface
  • Anodized Aluminum body
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Approximate size: 320 mm (length) x 270mm (width) x 2.5mm (height)

Closer Examination
The Razer Ironclad mouse pad is made from aluminum. The surface has been specially coated and sandblasted to make it super smooth like a lady’s skin. The result is a good firm hard base on which you can slide your mouse. This is perfect for all those players who really like to make fast movements and throw their mouse around. The back of the pad sees to a rubber coating which makes it stick to any table surface.

Like all other mouse pads by Razer this one is also huge in size. It covers a decent area so you won’t be needing to lift your mouse to the center for readjustment anymore. In my opinion this pad should come with a warning label because its made from a single piece of aluminum. The pad has significant weight presence and the thickness just adds to it. Imagining someone using it as an actual weapon in a Lan party is not that hard. Someone just might get hurt by the Razer Ironclad.

The pad features no art work except for a Razer logo in the bottom corner. Cleaning won’t be a problem for this pad, just use a damp rag if you spilled your drink on it. The surface looks and feels really solid and won’t wear out that easily.

The Ironclad works best with the high end mice from Razer like the Deathadder, Mamba and Naga. In addition to that you should also note that if your mouse has worn out feet then you’ll not enjoy this pad. Worn out feet are going to get in way of a smooth glide and will for sure create some friction noise. Just imagine something being dragged over a metallic surface and you’ll get the idea.

The mouse tracking is good if you’re a high sensitivity user. I wouldn’t suggest this pad to any low sensitivity user. I’ve always thought of Low sensitivity are best paired with cloth pads. But if you were brought up else wise then sure give it a go.

The metallic surface gives off a cooling affect to your wrist. If you sweat like mad then you might enjoy this. I still found some players on the Internet who didn’t like the temperature relaxing and were annoyed by it.

Value and Conclusion
The Ironclad is the replacement for Razer’s old eXactmat. That was one of the least-durable pads ever constructed. So far seems like Razer is definitely redeeming itself. The pad is priced at a high value of $60. This is kind of steep since there’s a similar mouse pad by Steelseries and its for $45.