Lost Planet 2 Patch Released For Steam Users

Lost Planet 2 is an entertain game on the PC but one major downside to the game was a blunder on Capcom’s part. The Steam users are closed off from the rest of the community due to this. The game uses Games for Windows LIVE for patching and matchmaking, among other features, so something in this area related to the Steam version has gone awry, and still hasn’t been fixed since launch.

Don’t blame Capcom, though — the company’s “corporate officer” Christian Svennson has stated in the forums they’re still waiting around for Microsoft to approve the patch, which has been in their hands for a little over two days after launch. He notes the process is usually quick, so this is an anomaly.

But finally at long last, that’s all fixed now. Another patch has just been released through Games for Windows LIVE which puts everyone in the same boat. All you must do to receive the update is boot up the game and make sure you’re logged into the service.