Fallout: New Vegas Helps Steam Earn $73M

By   /   Nov 26, 2010

According to Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment (FADE) Steam has had it’s Christmas early. Santa has brought gifts for Steam in October as the month has earned them millions and the main gift was in the shape of Fallout: New Vegas for the PC.

With a stunning number of unit sales of 308,000, Fallout: New Vegas has proven to be the fastest selling Steam title yet for 2010. Steam generated approximately $73 million USD in revenue last month, with New Vegas alone accounting for $15 million USD of the total.

Steam Software Top 10 October 2010
1.Fallout: New Vegas(Bethesda Softworks)– 308,000 units sold
2.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Resurgence Pack(Activision) –228,000 units sold
3.Left 4 Dead 2(Valve) –178,000 units sold
4.Counter-Strike(Valve) – 114,000 units sold
5.Half-Life 2: Deathmatch(Valve) –78,000 units sold
6.DogFighter(Dark Water Studios) –67,000 units sold
7.Frontlines: Fuel of War(THQ) –53,000 units sold
8.Medal of Honor(Electronic Arts) –52,000 units sold
9.Civilization V(2K Games) –51,000 units sold
10.Half-Life(Valve) –48,000 units sold

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