Black Ops Zombie Mode Weapons, Perks, and Power Ups Guide

You need to kill zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode to earn points, which enable you to buy weapons, open doors and blockades, and use Mystery Box. You probably would want to be wise if you are to survive long, wasting money in the early rounds is not a good idea. Save some cash for the later stages 1-10 are relatively easy. So plan for the long run from the start.

Save some cash, only one or two person buy a good gun, and that’s enough. Though, try mystery weapon box to get your hand on lazer may be. You can get weapons, and repair broken barricades at the end of the round by leaving one zombie alive.

Old strategy we also discussed in Shi No Numa, Verrukt, and Der Riese.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode Perks Guide

You can buy perks off vending machines, and enhance your player capabilities to wreck havoc on poor zombies.

Quick Revive
$500 Solo/$1500 Co-Op
Rewards you the ability to quickly revive yourself, or your partner in the game. In Solo, you get revived automatically thrice, while you have to revive your downed partner.

Upgrade your Weapon.

Remember the Juggernaut perk ? which makes to damage resistance or in other words, it requires more bullets or hits to kill you. Same thing!

Double Tap Root Beer
Increases fire rate, similar to double tap perk in Call of Duty 4.

Speed Cola
Increase the speed of the reload – reloading time decrease more like sleight of hand.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode Weapons Guide

You can read below the effectiveness of Mystery Box Weapons, and their effectiveness, after you have upgraded them from Pack-a-Punch machine. Read our Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons Guide for more information on effectively using different weapons. Don’t forget to read below in Weapons Upgrades part, the details on the effectiveness of the particular weapon in Zombie Mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Mystery Box Weapons

  • FN FAL
  • CZ75
  • Thunder Gun
  • Cymbal Monkey
  • Spectre
  • Python
  • G11
  • SPAS
  • Crossbow with explosive arrow
  • Famas
  • Dargunov
  • HK21
  • China Lake
  • Galil
  • Ballistic Knife
  • Commando
  • RPK
  • HS10
  • Ray Gun
  • Freeze Ray (Five)
  • M72 LAW
  • AUG

Call of Duty: Black Ops Pack a Punch Weapon Upgrades

Weapon. M1911
Upgrade. Mustang and Sally
Effect. Small Mag, Dual Wield, Grenade Launcher
Good upgrade, but the impact damage of the launcher if fired too close, can take you out. Be careful, Jugger-Nog Perk = Better.

Weapon. M14
Upgrade. Mnesia
Effect. Large Mag, Increased Damage
Large Magazine takes more time to reload so speed cola necessary if you are to use this weapon. Though, damage is good but reload time too low to be used at later stages in the game.

Weapon. Olympia
Upgrade. Hades
Effect. Power and Range increases, Incendiary Rounds
Large Mag, slow reload. Speed cola recommended if you are to use this weapon. It comes in handy when you are to spray for longer periods of time, behind a cover with your friends protecting you just like in using LMG in Zombie mode. Otherwise its reload time can get you in trouble.

Weapon. AK-74u
Upgrade. AK74fu2
Effect. Precision Sight, Large Magazine and Increased Damage
Bigger Magazine increases ammo, and precision sight increases accuracy. Still, the last thing you want to do in Zombie mode is run and gun.

Weapon. MP40
Upgrade. The Afterburner
Effect. Large Mag, Increased Damage
Large Magazine and more damage, with the upgrade.

Weapon. Stakeout
Upgrade. Raid
Effect. Large Magazine, 2 Shells Reload, More Power, Increased Damage, Increased Range.
Upgrade decreases reload time and increases damage. You can use double tap with this and speed cola to increase its effectiveness.

Weapon. MPL
Upgrade. MPL-LF
Effect. Large Magazine,Precision Sight
MPL has a small mag to start with, even though the upgrade makes it bigger still they are better weapons out there.

Weapon. MP5k
Upgrade. MP115 Kollider
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage

Weapon. PM63
Upgrade. Tokyo & Rose
Effect. Dual Wield
You can fire one weapon while reloading the other, but the accuracy is poor, you would most probably get into trouble.

Weapon. M16
Upgrade. Skullcrusher
Effect. Automatic, Increased Damage, Grenade Launcher
Good weapon upgrade to use especially with grenade launcher. Limited grenades though, so use them wisely.

Weapon. HK21
Upgrade. H115 Oscillator
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage
Must have weapon, if you can get your hands on. Light Machine Guns are deadly in Zombie mode. All you need to do in late rounds is sit behind the cover with a friend or two protecting you, and spray. Speed cola comes in handy to reload large mag.

Weapon. RPK
Upgrade. R115 Resonator
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage
Good weapon, speed cola all the way!

Weapon. M72 LAW
Upgrade. M72 Anarchy
Effect. Large Magazine, Semi-Auto
Semi-automatic gives me creeps, but if its the last resort, use it with speed cola.

Weapon. China Lake
Upgrade. China Beach
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage

Weapon. CZ75
Upgrade. Calamity
Effect. Increased Damage, and Automatic
Acts more like sub machine gun after upgrade.

Weapon. CZ75 Dual Wield
Upgrade. Calamity & Jane
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage, Automatic
Solves the small magazine problem after upgrade, and that’s that.

Weapon. Python
Upgrade. Cobra
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage, Speed Reload
Back up Weapon!

Weapon. AUG
Upgrade. AUG-50M3
Effect. Increased Damage, Precision Sight, and Under-mounted Shotgun
Shotgun + assault rifle with precision sight. Long range dominance + short range awesomeness = must have.

Weapon. FN FAL
Upgrade. EPC WN
Effect. Precision Sight, Large Magazine, 3 Round Burst, Increased Damage
3 Rounds burst is hard to digest in Zombie mode. If you can, go ahead.

Weapon. FAMAS
Upgrade. G16-GL35
Effect. Precision Sight, Large Magazine, Increased Damage
Large Magazine and precision accuracy = Worth it.

Weapon. Commando
Upgrade. Predator
Effect. Large and Dual Magazines, Increased Damage

Weapon. G11
Upgrade. G115 Generator
Effect. Large Magazine, Increased Damage, Automatic
Large Magazine + Automatic combine it with speed cola = Ultimate dominance subjected to your ability to aim 😛

Weapon. Galil
Upgrade. Lemantation
Effect. Precision Sight, Increased Damage

Weapon. SPAS
Upgrade. SPAZ-24
Effect. 2x Magazine Size, Increased Range, Automatic, Fast Reload
Good gun, increased range, more bullets and faster reload times all the must have ingredients for a gun to be used in Zombie Mode.

Weapon. HS-10
Upgrade. Typhoid & Mary
Effect. Dual Wield, Large Magazine
Good Upgrade, but dual wield as I said earlier is not much of an advantage due to lack of accuracy unless you are very good, you will probably suck!

Weapon. Dragunov
Upgrade. D115 Disassembler
Effect. Quick Scope, Increased Damage
Avoid Snipers, they may come handy in initial phase of the game but totally suck in the long run.

Weapon. L96A1
Upgrade. L115 Isolater
Effect. Quick Scope, Large Magazine, Increased Damage

Weapon. Ray Gun
Upgrade. Porter’s X2 Ray Gun
Effect. Increased Damage, Large Magazine
Best thing that can happen to you is getting your hands on Ray Gun!, and the second best thing is upgrading it to Porter’s X2 Ray Gun.

Weapon. Ballistic Knife
Upgrade. The Krause Refibrillator
Effect. Faster Melee, Glow
You can revive downed team mate with it.

Weapon. Crossbow Explosive Tip
Upgrade. Awful Lawton
Effect. It attracts zombies, so they get blown away!

Weapon. Thundergun
Upgrade. Zeus Cannon
Effect. 2x Magazine, Increased Impact Damage
Speed cola recommended for that, large magazine size increases reload times. Impact damage can take multiple zombies.

Weapon. Winter’s Howl
Upgrade. Winter’s Fury
Effect. Large Magazine, Longer Freeze Time
After the upgrade the zombie freeze time is increased. Combine it with Speed Cola to increase effectiveness.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Power Ups

Power Ups drop off zombies when you kill them. They drop off randomly so there is no way to know how a power up will drop, it can happen anytime. Though, few power ups are specific to map. They provide you decent advantage for a limited time period.

Floating Bomb, glowing. If you pick it up, it blows all zombies in the map but, doesn’t end the round. Good for the breather though. Use it at the end of the round, or when you are in trouble like stranded in the cluster of zombies, then run and grab the bomb to blow them.

It repairs all the the broken barricades in a one go. Its a big golden hammer floating in the air. Use it when you are in trouble or have no one to repair the broken barricades. Or you to revive a downed team mate. Repairing barricades manually is more fruitful then 200 points awarded for using Carpenter power up.

Insta Kill
Golden Skull floating in the air, one-hit-kill power up. Use your knife or pistol, save ammo of your primary weapon with insta kill activated as it makes every lame weapon lethal anyway.

Double Points
Floating X2 symbol, grab it to earn double points. If you were to earn 10 points for hitting a zombie, now you will earn 20. You can accumulate points faster. Good power up to have when you have while fighting the horde of zombies.

Max Ammo
Ammo refill. If you have your mystery box weapon, its the only have to have ammo refill and luckily, its the most commonly found power up in the game.

Death Machine
Giant Mini gun you can use to wreck havoc for a limited time only.

Fire Sale
Its random box that appears in different locations across map, and costs only 10$ but, lasts for very short period of time.


Traps are new to Call of Duty Zombie mode. Now, you can buy traps and set them off to kill incoming zombies. Very important in later rounds in order to survive but, don’t waste money on them before you reach round 15 or round 20.

Share with your favorite weapons, and their use in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Mode. Share with us, your best weapon strategies, your power ups strategies, and Tips; you can contribute to make this guide more effective.