Sony Warns Of Move Shortage

Now here is an interesting piece of news. An announcement by Sony’s personal representative front man Peter Dille gave us some food for thought. According to Sony’s calculations and predictions of the market the Sony Move will see to a great shortage in the market. Peter Dille encouraged users to quickly buy them before they are sold out since when that happens you won’t see another Sony Move on a shelf near you until Febuary 2011.

Regarding any updates from the Sony sales team to back Peter up was that they have shipped one million units to stores one month after its release.

Now comes the interesting part, about two weeks ago we saw Don Mattick off Microsoft make the same claim about their Kinect. He also urged the consumers to get one by the end of the the week because they believe the Kinect is the next best thing.

So is this a new marketing gimmick? or are they really going to sell out? According to some research into the major online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart; it showed that the stores have plenty of stock on their virtual sheleves and so far didn’t seem to run out of anything. Despite Mr. Dille’s warning, there doesn’t seem to be shortages for the PlayStation Move at the moment.