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Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Notebook Cooler Review

Desktop computers are easy when it comes to cooling solutions. Change the processor’s heatsink, add more fans or cooling tubes or simply open the casing and place it near a pedestal fan. Things differ when it comes to laptops. You can’t really mess with it’s cooling system and most laptops will see their warranty voided if cracked open.

Most laptops have air vents on the bottom, however this flow is disturbed or blocked most of the time when you place it on your bed, table or thigh. So the only cooling solution is to some how improve this air flow. For this gadgets were introduced with fans on which you rest your laptop. The fans on the gadget will supply your laptop with fresh air lowering down it’s temperature. Cooler Master is offering a similar gadget and we’ll be seeing why it’s a must for any laptop gamer. 


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Reinforced Anti-slip Rubber/Enhanced Mesh Structure
  • Dimension: 19.68 x 13.38 x 2.95
  • Weight: 4.37 lb
  • Operation Degree: 7.5 degree
  • Power: DC 12V
  • USB: USB 3.0 x 4/Micro-B x 1 (for power in)
  • Compatibility: Up to a 19’ notebook
  • Fan Dimension: 140 x 140 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed: 1,200 ~ 2,600 RPM
  • Fan Airflow: 15.4 CFM *single fan
  • Fan Noise Level (dBa): 18 dBA (Min.)
  • Controller: Stepless fan speed controller/Color switchable LED light/LED on-off

Closer Examination
When you open your SF-19, you’ll see the cooler itself, an operator’s manual, a 3.0 USB cable and a power supply. The cooler is all black with an elegant steel mesh on the top. You can see two fans beneath the steel mesh. The cooler has rubber feet located on the bottom as well as on the corners to give your notebook perfect stability. The rubber feet on the top can act as a handle too for traveling purposes. There’s a second mesh, this one is made from plastic and it’s on the bottom. It can be removed easily and after that the two fans inside can be accessed. The fans are clipped on so you can remove them for cleaning purposes.
There is a small wheel on the left side of your exterior. It can be used to control the speed of the fans and if you want can shut them off too. There is a power button that turns on or off the LED’s on the other side. The second button toggles between different colors of the LED’s. On the opposite side you’ll see four standard USB ports. Finally, there is the power connector that supplies the whole cooler. Once you have turned the cooler on, you’ll be able to choose a LED color from red, dark blue, light blue, green, purple, yellow or white. They can also be made to switch between all of these colors automatically every few seconds.

Remarkably the Storm SF-19 showed a reduction of 15-20 degrees in temperature. One nuisance that might face users will be that the fans on the SF-19 are not silent when used on maximum speed. Another thing to note is that the SF-19 might hold 19 inch notebooks but the cooling effect is basically focused in the middle. Your notebook might get some hot spots on the corners.

Value and Conclusion
The Strike Force 19 is priced at $90. There are many other notebook coolers at a lesser price but if you’re a fan to show up at Lan parties with pimped up gear then this is for you.