Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Cop and Racer Weapons

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit features weapons for Racers, and Cops alike, used for different purposes. Cops are tough with advanced technologically equipped cars, but racers aren’t much behind with access to underground weapons to keep the edge over cops.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – Cop Weapons

If you are to be a cop in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, you will have access to the most advanced technology in Seacrest County for stopping racers. Here are your tools to stop the risky racers to avoid damage to the state property.


Road Block

Helicopter Support

Spike Strip

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – Racer Weapons

If as a racer, you are to avoid the highly advanced technology equiped cops in Seacrest County, you will require underground weapons. There are bunch of these featured in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.


Spike Strip



Good Luck, Racing. We finally have a very good game in Need For Speed series, after Need For Speed: Most Wanted.