Kinect Hacked, Becomes 3D Capture Tool, Virtual Objects Measuring Possible

You know what happens when a hacker tries and successfully run Kinect on PC via Open Source Driver ? it opens the way for others to explore possibilities and enable Multi Touch.

Which makes it even more viral and more hackers try to do the same and become successful like the one guy who successfully made Kinect into a 3D Capture tool, and virtual objects measuring device.

Someone’s uploaded videos of Kinect being used as a 3D capture tool on YouTube; the first video shows a person in a 3D environment whereas in second video it was shown how to measure size of a physical object using 3D tools.

Excited ? watch the videos now.

Kinect Becomes 3D Capture Tool

How to Measure Virtual Objects with Kinect

What do you think of all this hacking fiasco ?