Call of Duty: Black Ops Glitches, Exploits, and Hacks

Glitches and Exploits are tough to find but once you have found them, they can be used tactically to rack up kills, and in some cases, can give you fair advantages in team-based matches. Remember the See through walls ?. Anyway, Treyarch seem to think ‘Its Cheap Way to Play”, playing with Glitches that is.

But, that didn’t stop few thousands of Call of Duty: Black Ops players to find these exploits in game and post it on Youtube. Those which were pretty sick were taken down immediately.

Sad but true, if you are to find a glitch now, don’t post it on Youtube, there are several other video streaming sites you can find to be on safe side. Meanwhile enjoy these, found by random Call of Duty: Black Ops players.

Call of Duty – Black Ops – Unlimited Care Package Glitch ~Fixed

Call of Duty – Black Ops – Easter Egg On NukeTown

Call of Duty – Black Ops – Launch “Tactical Spot”

How to Get 3 Care Packages with only 5 kills

Step 1
choose Hardline Pro Perk, which lets you customize your Killstreak Rewards.

Step 2
Set Killstreak Rewards:
(4)SAM Turrent
(5)Care Package
(6)Sentry Gun

Easy Right ? all you need to do is choose Hardline Pro to switch your SAM and SENTRY to Care Packages.

Call Of Duty – Black Ops Tricks/Jumps – WMD

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Out of Rebirh

Call of Duty – Black Ops – Hiding Spot on Summit

There are several more which were brought down by Treyarch on Youtube claiming copyright infringement. LAME? they are also very tough on Glitchers right now, so make sure you don’t get banned trying to glitch.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Hacks
There is none free online right now. If you are to pay, there are several you can find. You can watch the videos below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Aimbot/WallHacks

Call of Duty: Black Ops AutoMelee

Helios Framework via OR You can pay a visit to, they say their hacks are undetectable, Believe them if you want.

Meanwhile if you find anything interesting, you can share with us in comments.

Warning. Try it at your own risk! You have been warned.