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Beginner’s Guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Black Ops features extensive multiplayer experience and comes packed with lot of new features never before seen in any Call of Duty games. I presume most of the people by now are done with Singleplayer campaign, so if you were looking for a brief introduction to Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer, look no further.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer – Beginner’s Guide

Combat Training
You can refine your skills in Combat Training. You can play against bots of adjustable difficulty on any of the 14 multiplayer maps. Combat Training features its own leveling system, and you don’t carry over your unlocks and purchases. Basically, you start over, for practice.

You can read everything about Maps, in our Visual Take on Call of Duty: Black Ops Maps. Overhead Map Views coming soon.

Read our Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons Guide.

Cod Points
One of the new features introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops is the in-game currency, you can use to buy weapons, attachments, killstreaks, and everything else in Multiplayer.

Level Up, and unlock the stuff, and then purchase it with Cod Points, to be able to use it. You earn certain amount of Cod Points after every match as you level up. You earn them big in Contracts and Wager Matches.

Weapon Classes – Create a Class
This feature unlocks at Level 4, and you are able to create weapon classes. Right now, you would only be using default classes, as you still have a long way before custom classes become available. So try to learn the maps, and try different weapons.

Depending on your style of play, you can choose your perks, that enhance your weapon. Read our Call of Duty: Black Ops Perks Guide for more.

Equipment featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops are the tactical tools of death. These mostly cover the defensive or tactical side of the warfare.

These consist of the smoke grenades, Flashbang and Concussion grenades, the tactical instruments of war.

Frags, Semtex, and Tomahawk, all in. Tomahawk is reusable; throw it, kill the enemy in one hit, and pick it up to re-use.

Weapons and Attachments
You can buy weapon attachments, like Reflex Sight, ACOG Sight, Red Dot Sight, with respective cod points.

When you reach Level 5, you can buy contracts for small amount of cod points. There are big bonuses associated with these, so you would probably want to buy and complete them.

Available in three categories, Mercenary, Operations, and Specialist. One active contract at a time. There are few that can be done over and over again after their cool down period.

Killstreaks – Level 10
Once you unlock killstreaks at Level 10, you can buy them with cod points. You know all about Killstreaks, don’t you ? if not, check out our Call of Duty: Black Ops Killstreaks Walkthrough.

Challenges are associated with pretty much every aspect of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Kill this many people with this gun, that gun, in prone, headshots, and what not. You usually get XP as reward when you complete a challenge.

Wager Matches
Read our Detailed Call of Duty Black Ops Wager Match Guide.

Barebones and Hardcore Mode
In Barebones gametype, there are no perks, killstreaks, attachments, equipment and contracts. While in Hardcore mode, you have minimal HUD, increased damage, and friendly fire enabled. Rest assured, you get XP and cod points playing these gametypes.

Zombie Mode
As you would expect from Treyarch, after the major success with Call of Duty: World at War Zombie maps, Verrukt, Der Riese, and Shi No Numa. They were bound to re-create the same experience, so they did. You can watch the awesomeness here.

Combat Record
Shows all your statistics, all your glory. All of it graphically represented with bar charts.

Face Paint, Custom Reticules, and Camo’s
New feature introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops, read more here. You can buy these with Cod Points.

Theater Mode
Read the detailed take on Theater Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

For Everything Else, Read here, and Watch the Video

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