Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, A Good Sequel?

We usually expect the sequel of a game to be better than the original game with some suitable additions and deletions. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 fulfills this criteria to some extent. Star Wars fans are probably going to love this game but for a neutral person like me, the game loses its charm due to its repetitive gameplay and less challenging approach.

The Story begins with a clone of Starkiller (who died in the first part) talking to Darth Vader. He asks the clone that he should follow his orders in order to survive or otherwise like all other clones, he is destined to die. There are some flashes of Starkiller’s life including her girlfriend. You (acting as Starkiller’s clone) will escape from the ship and your primary goal will be to find out about your girlfriend who also used to be your pilot.

Now what about the game? Is it better then its predecessor or not? If you are a Star Wars fan then story may not  appeal you if you have played the first installment. You just keep on fighting in search of Juno (Starkiller’s Girl friend) till the end with no other twists. Game features the infamous Boba Fett in few cutscenes and that’s that. Our editor @ZawadIftikhar has this to say:

I mean WTF man, you feature a kickass guy from the Star Wars Universe, and don’t even give him enough face time, that’s rude if you ask me.

Game’s Graphics and textures are better then the first part with some descent cinematic. Yeah! it looks gorgeous, but I am interested in gameplay more than eye candy. You can feel the effects of the Force when you throw your enemies from the platforms and move giant structures with your hand. Check out the game’s visual awesomeness in the video below.

Dual Light Sabers add up to the visual beauty of the game and are more fun to use. (If I remember correctly, in last game Starkiller wielded single saber, so we need more explanation on why he is wielding dual saber, Any Star Wars Fans here?)

You can customize them and make them powerful with the points you gain. FPS are capped at 30 which may cause you some trouble at certain levels of the game but overall the game runs smooth as it should be. For us, the game stuck when recording videos, seems like we need hardware upgrade.

Combat mechanics have been improved in the game and some new moves have also been introduced. Camera dynamics are better which improves the overall view of the game. “Lightening” and the great “Push” ability are interesting and devastating powers to use, but you already know that being a Star Wars Fan.

Gameplay although refined, is repetitive and you can easily get bored of this game in a couple of hours time. Although Bosses apparently look different with different attacks but still aren’t that challenging and ridiculously long, and can get annoying at times. You will face waves after waves of enemies just being demolished by you.

Your power gets restored on killing the enemies which make things a lot easier. Again, for the fans, it can be fun. Killing waves after waves of helpless Stormtroopers isn’t fun anymore. Though, you may disagree after watching this video.

Overall the game is better than its previous version and it could have been much better with a more spicy story and more gameplay elements. We wanted to see more of Boba Fett and Master Yoda in story, if you were to introduce them. That alone could have made the story more engaging.

The plot was rather vague so to say, but still the game delivers close to what it was supposed to, but they should have done much better to appeal to neutral guys. Make a game that appeals to everyone, not Star Wars Fans. Period!


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Not for Everyone