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Xbox 360 Kinect Games: Kinect Joy Ride Review Roundup

Controller-free gaming is possible, Yes! but, will Kinect stop the long debate of playing the more controller oriented games like Racing and FPS, controller-free. Joy Ride is a racing game, featuring cars, trucks, and the sophisticated driving maneuvers like drifts and boosts.

As the racing games are more control oriented so the developer had to come up with something to make it suitable for Kinect, and this is where they do it wrong. Steer the wheel, acceleration and brakes will be handled by the game. Acceleration, Brakes, and Steering are the basic elements of racing. Kinect Joy Ride only offers one element and other two are the price of motion control system. Satisfied?

Kinect Joy Ride Review Round Up

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Share your experience of the game, is it really worth racing without controls?