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Sega Reveals Shogun 2: Total War Story

Sega has revealed the new story trailer of Shogun 2: Total War, the game returns to Feudal Japan, 10 years after release of the original game. The clip not just shows us the story but it also shows us in game footage with some gameplay elements. It’s 16th Century Feudal Japan, unified government under Shogun, but after the death of their Shogun, it is plagued by wars between many clans.

All the clans are fighting but only one would become the new Shogun, it can be you ?. For that you’ll play a clan leader named Daimyo, who will ultimately became the new Shogun in Story Mode.

The Creative Assembly is doing a great job on this Real time strategy game and the game by the looks of it, is promising. Shogun II: Total War will be out next year so be ready.