Bioware Enters Social Gaming with Dragon Age Legends

The upcoming social game Dragon Age Legends is expected to improve the quality of social games, said EA. To make RPG series fans attracted towards this game, a press release by EA says that the game will blend engaging tactical combats with accessible and convincing supportive gameplay, which is perfectly suitable for social games.

EA is trying to attract the fans of Dragon Age Series at a social platform with this game. Dragon Age Legends will probably launch in February 2011. Adding more to its features, the game will be giving gamers a chance to earn exclusive unlocks for “Dragon Age II”. You can sign up for Dragon Age Legends beta though, which is live.

Note. To register for the beta of the game one must have an EA accounts, moreover it’s important to know that, unlocks as mentioned above will only be available to those who would have registered for an EA account. Register for the beta here.

Source. EA Press Release